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Day: February 16, 2021

Mostly respect

6 HIM posted for a nice mosey to Martha’s and back. Good to see Whoopee back on the best side of Robinwood road on Thursdays. I did feel sorry for JJ having to run with all the old men.

Prayers go out to those on IR especially Roscoe and Stroganoff.  Breaker and SA on the mend,  and for all those dealing with stress of pandemic.


Announcements: Strides of March – 12mile relay CSAUP on March 6th. See Short Sale’s PreBlast.

Simple Plan

A lovely afternoon at Midoriyama after a few days of rain. Time to start but Blart comes in hot so we Moroccan Night Club until he gets to the circle. Pledge. Then a surprise to everyone who knows my use of burpees is minimal at best…. a Slaughter Starter, 20 burpees!
Mosey out to the far soccer field parking lot on the left side near the rest rooms. Due to my bout of Covid back in November/December, my breathing has yet to recover fully so I requested some much needed help counting the exercises as follows.
20 Merkins in cadence (yes I said in cadence) called by Form Police award winner Sister Act.
20 LBC’s in cadence called by Best Mumblechatterer and well on his way to Bat Flipper status, Freight.
20 Low Slow Squats called by our favorite seaman, I mean airman, Slaw. I was glad no 2.0’s were there to see Slaw’s squats. It is quite a sight. There’s a thrust at the, well never mind!
Mosey around that parking lot to the parking lot near the playground. Repeat the exercises as before. 20/20/20.
Mosey down the road and to the picnic shelter. Repeat exercises. 20/20/20.
Mosey down (Freight’s) pier hill and then back up the new sidewalk. Repeat exercises. 20/20/20.
Mosey across the road to the cul de sac. Repeat exercises. 20/20/20.
Mosey around the river loop a little past half way. Repeat exercises. 20/20/20.
Mosey back to the road to wait for the six. Then back to the flag.
My watch read about 2.4 miles and 120 merkins, LBC’s and Low Slow Squats IN CADENCE.
I said a word about relying on my guys to help me count when I couldn’t and how we all should post to get better but also to be there for other men. Nice work by all!

Strides Of March Relay Run on March 6th. Sign up for what looks like a cool event.

Prayer Requests: Sister Act’s family, Big Pappy’s family, Cougar’s grandmother, Injured Pax.

Thanks to all the guys who came out for a simple one. Thanks to Oompa and Pockets and others for picking up the six. I haven’t Q’d in a while and it was great to be back at it.

Death by Stereo.

4 HIM’s got after it this morning at the Bulldog.

The thang was simple. AMRAP exercises to the wonderful tunes of 80’s television.

  • The A Team – Rocky Balboas
  • Cheers – LBC’s
  • Dallas – Imperial Walkers
  • ALF – Burpees
  • Knight Rider – Dips
  • The Greatest American Hero – American Hammers
  • Perfect Strangers – Monkey Humpers
  • Magnum PI – Big Boys
  • Hill Street Blues – Moroccan  Night Clubs
  • Night Court – Mountain Climbers
  • Miami Vice – Burpees
  • Family Ties – Merkins
  • Dukes of Hazzard – Hillbillies
  • The Golden Girls – Wide Arm Merkins
  • Growing Pains – Squats
  • TJ Hooker – Freddy Mercurys
  • The Facts of Life – Calf Raisers
  • Head of the Class – Squats
  • Who’s the Boss – CDD’s
  • Airwolf – Burpees

Thanks to Timeframe for the opportunity to lead.


  • Strides of March on 3/6

Prayer Request

  • Mason Family
  • Guy Family
  • Sister Act and Family
  • Rudolph and Family
  • PAX on IR

Deuteronomy 32:7 – Remember the days of old; consider the years of many generations; ask your father, and he will show you,  your elders, and they will tell you.


Big Pappy







Tuff stuff

9 brave souls ventured out of the fartsack this morning and made it to Folsom.It was a good turn out for A cold wet morning and I was ready to provide a good workout.This is how it went down.

Warm up:gravel pickers,toy soldiers,ssh,low slow squats,mountain climbers,merkins,burpees all x10 IC

mosey to lower shelter for partner partner did the exercise the other ran to the end of the parking lot and back.The exercises were:30 pull-ups,100 derkins,150 split squats,200 leg raises,250 tricep dips.I had some good tunes playing but mayor had the nads to skip a song on my playlist he’ll pay for that next time 😁. We then moseyed to the tennis court and lunge walked the length of the court stopping between each court for an exercise:20 squats,20 monkey humpers,20 fire hydrants, 20 hip thrusts,20 more squats then 60 calf raises.

now back the other way but bear crawling the exercises were 10 burpees,20 diamond merkins Time! I had more planned but it’ll have to wait for next time. We pledged took prayer requests and I prayed us out. I shared a verse with the pax 1john 2:6 and told how this reminded me of my example for every situation. It was a pleasure to work with you men in the gloom this morning it’s always encouraging and a great way to start the day.Thanks for the opportunity to lead,until the next time stay buff 💪🏻

Gashouse Canoeing

Rainy and cold!!

Stroganoff headed to the track for some laps

Warm up: 10 SSH in cadence and 10 low slow squats in cadence

Enough with that – 2 bootcamp, 6 pain lab, and 1 walker

Myself and Watts up got in our canoe and headed for the the Presbyterian Church for some shelter and ab work

50 LBC, 30 Flutters, 20 Michael Phelps, and 10 flutters with arms extended up.

Rinse and repeat  dropping each by 5 – drop each exercise at 5 and complete once the last listed exercise was down to 5

Mosey(the long way) to the building on the back of the property at the basket ball court and complete the following

50 lbc, 40 flutter kicks and 30 Michael Phelps  – repeat 3 times dropping count by 10 each set

11’s – calf raises on both sides of the covered area

Mosey over to  Grier School for some more 11’s – covered area on right side of building

Round 1 – squats  at upper and lower end of the covered area

Round 2 – CCD at upper and lower end of the covered area

Mosey to the front of the school for some more shelter work

11’s – we did something at both ends of the walk way

6’s -Merkins at both ends of the walk way

Time for a quick lab around the track before heading back to the start.

SSH  for the last min with the pain lab Pax – they were pretty dry just saying.

Announcements: Extinction run, Strides of March, P200

Many prayer request

Prayed up out

Until next time

EZ out!!


The Storm after The Storm

Fortunately the storms moved through the area overnight and the gloom wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been. YHC arrived early and there were already 5 or 6 cars in the parking lot and PAX scattered everywhere doing EC. Way to push guys! No FNG’s so short disclaimer and we got to work.


5 Burpee’s, 10 Merkins IC, 15 IW Squats OYO, 10 Merkins IC, 5 Burpee’s


Mosey to the roundabout at the front of the school for a little core work:

25 American Hammers IC
10 Big Boys OYO

25 LBC’s IC

10 Big Boys OYO

25 Flutter Kicks

10 Big Boys OYO

25 Mountain Climbers

10 Big Boys OYO


5 Burpee’s then mosey around the school to the loading dock for 10 to 1’s.

10 HR Merkins then run down and jump up on the dock for 10 Squats. Back down to the starting point and rinse and repeat with 9/9, 8/8…..all the way to 1/1.


5 Burpee’s then mosey to the front of the school for some shoulder work. 3 sets of Dirty Hookups IC and Dips IC.


5 Burpee’s then back to the roundabout for a repeat of the earlier core work.


5 Burpee’s, take a lap around the school and then repeat the earlier shoulder work.


Back to the flag with time for 5 more Burpee’s and 2 minutes of Mary.



Discussed a devotion that Sarlaac posted on GroupMe last week about Serving. Serve even when it is inconvenient, always be ready to serve, let God interrupt your schedule when he needs to and don’t get frustrated when he does so.



BOS planning to present a check to Holy Angels at Cherubs after the Yank workout on Saturday. Show if you can.

Strides of March on March 6th – see preblast for details and sign up


Prayer Request

Big Pappy and family

SA’s daughter and family



Doodles took us out.

I’m Broke

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