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Day: February 17, 2021

Real Hammers Don’t Rust In The Rain

As I arrived at Folsom this morning I was extremely disappointed that the weather was not cooperating. You see I had some awesome circuits planned for the soccer field. Oh well I called an Omaha on that as I didn’t feel like swimming laps across that field would be a good workout. That being said we had 11 stone cold HAMMERS out here putting in work out there this morning.

Quick disclaimer and The Pledge and we’re getting started.

Starting with the warm up I knew that this was going to be a pretty good one.

Mountain Climbers

We did 8 rounds starting with 1 rep each of each and added a rep each for each round until we reached 8 reps on round 8.

Mosey to the lower shed for some drop sets.
10 reps of each in cadence dropping 1 rep per round until we hit 5 reps on round 5.

Dips                                                                                         Box Squats
American Hammers

Now for some DORA

Lap around lower lot                                                       200 Mericans
300 Squats
400 Crunches
500 Calf Raises

Core time now how bout a little Ring of Fire and a quick Mosey back to the show up where we did 22 for the Vets.

Finish up with COT

Lots of prayers spoken and unspoken.

Extinction Run

Thanks guys for coming out in this doom and gloom with me this morning. You guys inspire and push me to be better today than I was yesterday.

Until next time guys.






Another fellowship mosey @PB

13 of us knocked out the miles this morning! This AO is steady and it is a great time in the week to get out and fellowship with the guys and get miles at the same time!

I got to share a word that came to mind the other day.  1 Timothy 4:8, “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

I ask the guys to search their hearts and see where they are spiritually? We work hard at staying in shape to be the best in our physical bodies which is fine but at the same time we have to be doing MORE at staying the best in our Godliness!!

Prayer Request

EZ Rider

Big Pappy

Sister Act

Injured Pax



Strides in March – March 6 Get signed up!!

Thank you men!!

Round Up

Today’s HIIT Parade ( sans musique)


prior to start time was asked by Stinky Bird if we would be warming up quickly with some cardio or something ….. my response ….”surrrrrreeee!”

Namaste as I bow to welcome the coming morning

inhale deeply as you reach up and back , control your breathing and inhale again, exhale…

inhale deeply as you move upper body and arms to the right, inhale, exhale now to the left inhale, exhale

inhale as you drop down to child’s pose and inhale and exhale 

next to plank and hold inhale exhale downward facing dog inhale exhale cobra inhale exhale back to plank inhale exhale back to downward facing dog inhale exhale 

inhale as you recover

inhale and move into warrior 2 inhale exhale

limbering up with stretches and/ or yoga can help ready us esp as we age and contend with colder temps

now that we are “warmed “ up…..

Tabata Time


timer set for one minute exercises and 10 second recovery 


2 squats

3 burpees

4 Imp Walkers 

5 diamond merkins

6 flutters

7 plank jacks

8 mountain climbers

9 jump lunges 

10 dyin cockroaches ( many asked since we are doing proper technique … what constitutes that in this)

11 big boys 

12 hand release merkins

13 butt kickers

14 lbcs

15 ski abs

16 Freddy Mercuries

17 merkins

18 outlaws

19 monkey humpers 

20 American hammers

21 SSH

22 box cutters

23 squats

24 burpees

25 Imp Walkers

26 wide arm merkins

27 flutters 

28 plank

29 lunges ( alt) 

30 mtn climbers

31 lbcs 

32 big boys

33 hand release merkins 

train was going by but I refused to allow Gastone to call it ( we did plenty earlier!)

stretches on back pulling 

Many times this morning someone had to stop and either direct traffic in the parking lot … I mean there were only 2 open slots!!! Parking attendants were needed and safety cones …. who would have thought we need to wear safety vests here !! Plant of parking a few feet away in the back !!! Sheesh !


dam 2 dam relay this weekend ( pray for good weather and runners safety)

strides of March signups in previous back blast 

prayers fro Folgers daughter depression 

Clavin praise for son ( witnessed on email messaging ) for helping a friend offering amazing advice for her to not give in ( suicidal thoughts) , seek to surround herself with better friends and removed the ex and other “poisons” from her life 

Gastones sister-in-law ….esp her daughter 

Dr  Fisher

Turtleman back troubles ( doctors seeking answers )

lastly this was the third and final installment of perfecting our form …. this doesn’t mean I’m abandoning this venture …. au contrare  mon frere … this was merely a short program to centralize and work from to advance us in striving to be a better you!


next week Short Sale followed by a VQ from Folgers!!




The Ricky Bobby – 2/17/21



Warm Up

Hillbilly Walkers IC x 20

Seal Jacks IC x 20


Eskimo Merkins (Micro Merkins) OYO x 10


The Under Card

11’s along the front of the school – Diamond Merkins and Big Boy Sit Ups

Triple Nickle at the side of the school – Burpees and Mountain Climbers


The Main Event

Bear Crawl Merkins in the back parking lot.   Bear Crawl the length of the parking lot, stopping at each line to do one Merkin.  EZ Rider did this a couple of weeks ago at The Sandlot.  Thanks for the idea EZ!

10 to 1 in the back parking lot.  Broke did this at The Storm yesterday.  Thanks for the idea Broke!  10 Tiger Squats at one end of the parking lot and 10 LBC’s at the other end.  Mosey back, then rinse and repeat x9 x 8 x 7……… etc.  I originally planned to do Merkins rather than LBC’s but after the Bear Crawl Merkins, I didn’t want to receive the wrath of the President of The Merkin Hater Club so I gave Sargento the choice of the second exercise and he choose LBC’s.

5 Burpees for the train

Mosey back to the start right at 6:15

Good work today gentlemen.  I showed 2.5 miles by my watch!


Prayer Request

Eric Eyster – collapsed lung and biopsy

People in deep freeze without power

Sargento and family

It was a please to lead this morning.


Presidents Day at Sandlot

YHC had no inspiring words in honor of Presidents Day for the 9 PAX at the Sandlot who started the holiday week right. It was straight down to business to kick off the week. The Thang:

Warm up with Toy Soldiers, IC x 10, Seal Jacks, IC x 15, Imperial Walkers, IC x 20.

Mosey to the park stopping for 5 burpees at the gate, then continue to exercises at 4 stations.
Picnic shelter #1: Merkins, Lunges, Flutter kicks (10 / 10 / 20 OYO).

(After station #1, YHC lost the Weinke. It was hiding in pants pocket the whole time but just didn’t want to come out into the cold. Flintstone was correct in pointing out that simply writing the Weinke is good enough to serve the purpose, then you don’t actually need it.  So we continued on and YHC didn’t miss a beat.)

Picnic shelter #2: Derkins, Backward Lunges, Plank Jacks (10 / 10 / 20 OYO).

Bleachers: Dips, Step-ups, Flutter kicks (10 / 10 / 20 OYO).
(First round only: pause for POA near flag in middle of softball comlex.)

Parking lot: Nolan Ryans, Lunge-jumps, Plank Jacks (10 / 10 / 20 OYO).

Rinse and repeat with reps escalating to 15 / 15 / 30.

Rinse and repeat with reps escalating to 20 / 20 / 40. But time was running out, so round 3 got cut short. And that’s a lot of lunges, so at shelter #2 YHC called a 20 / 10 / 50 – fewer lunges but more plank jacks. That left just enough time to mosey back to the starting point, where the shovel flag would be if we had a shovel flag.

Announcements: Strides of March 3/6
Prayers: Gaston’s mother, Dr. Fisher, PAX on IR, the nation

As always, it is an honor to lead.

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