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  • When: 01/31/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Broke
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Def Leppard (respect), Dr. Seuss (respect), Tyson, Freight, Blart, Swimmer, Allen Tate, Termite (respect), Snooker (FNG respect), Buckeye, Gold Digger, Wojo, Rudolph, Timeframe, Oompa Loompa (respect), Broke (Q)

The weather warmed up for what turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon at Gastonia’s finest JV AO. Almost time to get to work and a shiny new Dodge truck rolls in. Could it be a FNG? Good guess (and some might say a correct guess), but no, it’s none other than the infamous Allen Tate. Now that all is right with the world let’s get started.


Warm up with SSH”s, Moroccan nightclubs and Don Q’s then head out for the parking lot at the back of the park. Once there we did the following…


Perfom max reps of two different exercises then complete a lap around the lot.

Set #1 – Merkins and LBC’s

Set #2 – Mike Tyson’s and American Hammers

Set #3 – CDD’s and Big Boy sit ups

I finally had to call a stop on Set #3 as Freight and Gold Digger had decided that they could do Big Boys for a few hours.  Also, at some point during this portion of the workout there was a Sargento sighting. Thanks for stopping by, but next time come ready to workout.


Head back to the lot at the horseshoe pits and partner up for some Dora. 100 Little Gumby in the Woods, 200 Mountain Climbers and 300 Seal Jacks.


After Dora we did some rugby sprints with Rosalita’s, Monkey Humpers, Flutter Kicks, Plank Jacks and Freddie Mercury’s.


Headed back to the flag and finished up with LBFC’s and 22 for the Vets.



When I put together my weinke last night I had some words I wanted to share with the PAX, but after reading the devotion that Sparky posted today I changed my mind. If you aren’t doing it already, I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to read the devotion that Sparky puts on Slack each morning. We spent a few minutes talking about suffering, struggles and other issues we face daily.



CSAUP Feb. 23rd – sign up ASAP

Rooster March 2nd

There were others that I forgot – Q fail


Prayer Requests

Allen Tate’s M – kidney stones

Pizza Man’s M

Paysour family

Mull Family – passing of Tracy Mull

Gumby – continue to get better


YHC took us out.


Great group of guys today with plenty of mumble chatter. What else should you expect when Freight AND Allen Tate are around. Welcome to Barry McCraw, now known as Snooker.