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Day: January 23, 2019

C’mon Man, Its not that cold

It is 5:30am and everyone is there, and sadly there are only 6 HIM’s. Why you ask?  Either they were fart sacking or scared. It was 34 degrees, and at some AO’s that is a heat wave.

We say the pledge then get started.

SSH (20 IC)

Whoopee breaks off to run and the rest of us mosey down Riverwood Pkwy to Gastone’s hill. At each street light that is working we perform 10 squats. When we arrive at Village Ridge Drive I thought of a brilliant idea. Lets sprint up the hill and perform 20 merkins at the top. Definitely regret that halfway up especially with the weighted vest on, some day others will follow.

We mosey back down the him and make it over to the PVA at Dollar General and knock out two rounds of 10 Derkin with shoulder taps and dips.

Mosey to the Food Lion lot and check the integrity of the brick wall with a 1 minute wall sit.

Onto the old HT parking lot. We are going to do lightpole suicides.  We started with 10 squats then ran to pole 1 for 20 squats and back to start for 10 squats. Ran to pole 2 for 30 squats then back to start for 10. Ran to pole 3 for 40 squats and back to start to finish with 10.

Then same concept with Burpees, but with 1, 2, 3, and 4 instead.

Lunged to next row. Then one at a time we did single suicides and your last leg was against the HIM next to you. That was to push each other. More lunges and more sprints.

Onto the wall for some dips and derkins then back to Snoballs for 50 LBC’s with Whoopee.

Announcements: Whoopee is starting a low impact Ruck site on Thursdays at 0530. Here are the rules. Bring something heavy and Ruck.

Prayer request: please continue to keep my father in your prayers. He is getting stronger but a long way from back to normal.

And I want to extend mad props to What’s Up. He is down about 10-15 pounds and every time I see him post he gives it 110%. Keep pushing the rock!!

Lordy Lordy Sparky is 40

Some ran some walked we all got a little better. Thank goodness we did not have a slip and fall!

Announcements: CSAUP sign up you will have fun! Also Diablo Sammich this Thursday meet at parking lot of snoballs. (I love saying Diablo sammich)
Prayers:All of us and rockabilly’s grandma. Also some unspoken request!

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