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One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

I had a new from Ronco Whoopee butt-wipe defecation proof plastic Weinke protector that Clavin had given to me that I was eager to use. Patent pending, it held up well but short of a full laminated Weinke the conditions proved tough this day. At first I had an intense appetence to protect said Weinke that took me multiple minutes to develop, but as the morning progressed and my protective instincts waned I slowly removed my guard and next thing I know my Weinke was busy wiping Whoopee’s ass one again. This as well as a used diaper sighting and Sweetleaf saving my weinke from quick-suck-asphalt said weinke felt the intense pressure of Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, what a beautiful day it was, Great turnout, 18 guys and best I can tell I got all of Bootcamp out and back in one run but somewhere along the way I lost track of how many we had. Count was 8, I still think we had 9?

Here is how we started:



Squats-20 IC

Merkins-10 IC

LBC- 20 IC

Huckleberry handled the Painlab, Bootcamp off to FPC.

Theme, Bar Hopping, One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (One Exercise, One Constant, One Ascending/Descending). Start at front of FPC, #12 on clock

50 Homer/Marge – Bourbon

20 Dying Cockroaches – Scotch

1 Burpee – Beer

Run to 2nd bar (#9 on clock, running counter-clockwise?)

50 Squats/20 Dying Cockroaches (constant) / 2 Burpees

3rd bar, (#6 on clock)

50 Merkins / 20 Dying Cockroaches / 3 Burpees

You get the story, on around to complete:

50 CDD’s/20 DC’s/4 Burpees

50 Boxcutters/20 DC’s/5 Burpees

50 Jump Lunges/20 DC’s/4 Burpees (start descending)

Public intoxication?, asked to walk straight line, line squat while pax karaoke’s to other side of parking lot. Audible during work out, curious how many parking lines were in parking lot. One SSH at each line until all counted, still don’t know total but good CSAUP.

Off to Sherwood, AMRAP, American Hammers while partner runs to top of hill, rinse and repeat.

Head back to Schiele, finished a round of something else, did a nice round of Rocky Balboa’s and Mike Tysons. Headed back to Schiele, time.


Congratulations to Gold Digger, married this weekend.

Murph Monday morning at Martha Rivers.




Mayor, Where’s Your Guard At?

11 men showed to Run/Ruck at Crossroads this morning. Good work men, way to continue to push the rock. Especially Mayor, way to always have your guard up brother. He can ruck and be ready to cut you at the same time. Dude has lightning reflexes!


Prayer Request


Sister Act

1000 Rep Challenge

17 showed on a gloomy Folsom morning to put in some work. This is the last Saturday workout in Folsom for 2018. With that in mind, YHC wanted to make sure to bring the pain and take Folsom out of 2018 in style. Good crowd this morning with two FNGs, so a short disclaimer was given.


Grass Pickers and Don Qs

The Thang:

Quick mosey to the tennis courts. Personally, this is one of the greatest attributes of our Folsom site. We have 6 tennis courts marked with lines and a smooth surface. Lots of opportunities to bring the pain here, and today we would spend the entire workout on the tennis courts. My boy Def Leppard, who failed to show today while out nursing a injury, has talked a lot about goals. Whatever goals you have in mind; spiritual, personal, fitness. With 2019 right around the corner, now is a good time to set your sights on some goals. Today we would set our sights on a short-term goal. Today we would push ourselves to achieve 1000 reps. So the first exercise called would consist of 10 different exercises, with 100 reps done on each exercise. Just to pace ourselves, I split this up into 4 rounds of 25 reps each, with a short mosey to the far end of the tennis courts and back in between. The exercises called were; 1.Merkins 2.Imperial Squats 3.Big Boys 4.Peter Parkers 5.Flutter Kicks 6.SSH 7.Jump Lunges 8.CDD 9.LBCs 10.Burpees. We would do 25 reps of each exercise, then a mosey to other side of tennis courts and back. This would complete round 1. We did this three more rounds, to complete our goal of 1000 reps. Great work by all pax, this was a challenge. With time to spare, we had time to move on to something else.

Next exercise called was the Quarter Pounder. Broke had recently done this at one of his Qs, so I’m taking this to fill in the last 10 minutes of the workout. Started on the sideline of the first tennis court. Sprint to the other side of court 1 and do 25 Plank Jack Merkins, Nur back to start line. Next sprint to the other side of court 2, 50 Bobby Hurleys, Nur back to start. Next sprint to other side of court 3, 75 Mountain Climbers, Nur back to start. Finally sprint to other side of court 4, 100 Squats, Nur back to start. Time is up!

Great work by all men today. This was meant to be a challenge, and I think everyone got their moneys worth. I appreciate everyone working hard and allowing me the opportunity to lead. Welcome Big Pappy (Ron Ewing) and Ratchet (Jason Hall) to F3. This wasn’t an easy workout for your first time at F3. They pushed hard and gave it what they had. Great to have you guys.



Prayer Request


Sister Act

You’re a loony

After much frustration about the name, I decided just to make it suck. We did a short warm up, moseyed to the (old) Harris Teeter parking lot and did bombs. 50 Burpees, 100 overhead claps, 150 Merkins, 200 Box cutters (substituted since I can’t do big boy situps). 250 squats. Parnter 1 performs exercise while partner 2 lapped the light poles in the parking lot.

Then, with 20 minutes left, moseyed to Food Lion parking lot and did Abyss Merkins on the buggy corral. Partners alternated between Abyss Merkins and squats so everyone had a chance on the rack.

Moseyed to the wall behind dollar tree for some dips, called by Island.

Moseyed past Gastones hill and to it’s little brother, the next hill. Nur up the hill, then mosey back to Startex. Stallions arrived for some Flutter kicks. Did a few more ab exercises and then we were finished. Someone reminded YHC that we had forgotten the pledge and we saluted the flag. COT. Enjoyed breakfast with JK2 and discussing management and hiring challenges.

Merry Christmas, Happy New year.

F3 Gastonia 2019 Pre-Blast

2019 Pre-Blast Is Here.  What are you going to do with the next 365 days?

First, I just want to send many thanks out to the 2018 F3 Gastonia Leadership Team, Site Q’s and all the PAX.  It was quite a year of growth and impact. 

Second, I want to thank all of you for the opportunity to be the Nantan for 2019.  I am grateful and honored for the opportunity.  I am looking forward to what 2019 has in store for us.  We have a great group in place to help lead us on the 2019 journey.

Let’s be serious though, F3 is not about one person or even a small group, it’s about the entire PAX and what we accomplish collectively.  We are always looking for thoughts and ideas on how we can be more impactful. 

I plan to focus on several things in 2019 but one of the biggest will be encouraging personal growth.  That is, what are you doing to grow personally away from your weekly posts at workouts?  It’s easy for me to forget the mission of F3 is to “plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.”  It’s not to have workouts to get in better shape, even though that is a huge byproduct of what happens.  It’s about impact (my word for 2018 by the way).  It’s about self-awareness, discipline and accountability.  We are compelled to help ourselves and each other be better in all facets of our lives, not just our physical well-being.  I have found reading to be the single biggest factor that has helped my personal growth and will be sharing books, podcasts, articles, etc throughout the year that I feel might be worthwhile to read or listen to. 

This was an extreme year for me personally, both high and low.  I experienced first hand the support that F3 gives to the PAX during the low after the loss of my Father.  I experienced the high of F3 as I completed the training required and ultimately finishing my first half marathon with several other PAX.  This is one of the reasons I felt compelled to get more involved in the leadership of our group.  I believe strongly that F3 can fill a void that is missing in many men’s lives.  Most of these men don’t even know it’s missing.  I didn’t realize it before F3.  I believe I’m a better man for it.  I believe there are many more out there we can positively impact. 

We can EH a few more and Kotter a few more to come back and get them more consistently to workouts and events.  We’ve had a lot of men show up 1 or 2 times and not come back.  This is something we can improve on. 

We have several new things happening with the first being the launch of the Q Source in our Region being led by Pizza Man.  He has already sent out details but please look to get involved in that.  We may be adding another workout, some Rucking events, CSAUP’s, 4th year anniversary (that’s hard to believe), Nation events, Speed for Need races, local races, 2nd & 3rd F opportunities, Community Service Opportunities, planned Whetstone growth, etc, etc. 

2019 can be a year where we all accelerate some or decelerate.  The decision is our own.  I need some help to continue to accelerate and am looking for help from all of you.  That man beside you tomorrow morning might be looking for that help.  You never know what is compelling someone to show up. 

See you in the gloom.



Gettin paid in the rain

Thank goodness downtown has a parking deck, over the past few months as Site Q I’m learning that it can be a great place to workout since we have faced many days of heavy rain this year. Nothing stops the true HIMs of F3 other than lightning,twisters, or maybe zombies so let’s get going.

Warm up: ssh,cherry pickers,wind mills,goofballs. 20each.

Mosey to the parking deck to do some amrap, 6 minutes per group. After each group take a lap.

10high knees,10ssh,10 merkins,10squats, 1lap repeat 6min.

15lbcs,15americanhammers, 15 Freddy Mercury’s,15 flutters, Lap. 6min.

15dips,15calf raises,15raise theroof,15 high claps. Lap 6min.

15 wwII,15mtn. Climbers,15 lunges,15bicep curls. Lap,6min.

Moseyed back to the rotary finished up with plank jacks,morocon nite clubs, ski jacks.

During our time at the parking deck Clavin, picked up a $20 we were all surprised. We laughed clavin jokingly said “F3 does Pay”.

Great work was done by all time frame put in some EC sounds like he is ready to run a few 5k’s this year! Way to go brother! Truthfully we all get paid rain or shine heat or cold. F3 gives you something $ will never buy and it’s value is priceless.

If are still looking for the answer to the question above.. post more! You will find the answer!

Announcements: some time changes to the New Year’s Day AO’s.

Prayer request: Sargento’s mother in law who has Parkinson’s, and a bright a wonderful New Year!

I hope everyone has a safe new year!

The Bed Pan is Full!

New Year’s Eve 0-5:30 Murph

Huckleberry (the new Weasle Shaker) at the end of Saturday’s Gashouse beatdown presented a good question. In the event of a holiday and the F3 tradition of moving the workout time to a later slot to allow for more sleep, what happens to the Pax that the new time does not work? Stroganoff (the new Nantan) replied that we can still get together if need be and have a workout. Obviously we would rather not have the need to have 2 separate times but it’s better than some not doing it at all.


Disclaimer. Rudolph I thought made an excellent point about the Q’s being more diligent about voicing the disclaimer even if there are no FNG’s. He said that in light of F3 Cheech and FIA Digits voicing the disclaimer is a good way to keep safe practices in the front of our minds during the beatdown. It simply takes one moment to change everything. Safety is definately a priority.

We did the Murph



In reading Clavin’s back last about the 7 o’clock Murph, he made a point to address the consideration of ‘where were you in your life at this time last year? Consider where you want to be at this time next year.’ He went into it better than I did but an excellent question. I know that there is no way that I would be anywhere close to where I am in health, family, and attitude if not for F3…you guys.

Excellent guys all. Everyone pushed hard and did solid work. Excellent conversation, encouragament, and attitudes all around.

It was awesome to see Spiderman in the gloom. Welcome back bro.

Happy New Year. May God bless you, keep you, shine His countenance upon you, and give you peace.

See you in the gloom.



Write Your Epitaph

Six Pax gathered at Mt Hollywood for final beatdown of 2018. Four for bootcamp, two rucking (Mayor and Seuss).

Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, Don Q, M Night Clubs.

Mosey in front of school, train burpees to start. Move on to Dora, 100 WWI sit ups, 200 merkins, 300 LBC. Partner does a lap, alternate long lap around parking lot and short NUR around first island.

Move to benches for 15 to 1, step ups count each leg and then move to dips. Start with 15 reps, then 14, all the way to 1. Finish this and move on to modified route 66 using deconstructed burpees and then lunge to next stop. Real crowd pleaser as this is really tough. Made it through 8 rounds and then called time. Mosey back to flag for pledge.

Mayor and Seuss joined for announcements.

Storm on New Year Day start time is 6:30

Prayer requests, leadership for the new year, Pax with burdens that may not be known.

YHC talked briefly about an activity introduced by First Presbyterian Belmont minister in a men’s group a couple of years ago in thinking of what you would want your epitaph to say about you. Going in the new year is a good time to reflect on the past, what we have done well and what we can improve upon, and be sure that 2019 sees us giving our absolute best effort at being the men that we desire to be. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

Happy New Year


The last Murph of 2018

Today’s goal was simple …. complete the Murph and along the way contemplate where you were one year ago …. what you achieved in one years time and where and what you want to complete in 2019!
Remember this well and compare to next years results! In these last few weeks of 2018 there’s been a lot of talk about key words , thoughts and aspirations for the coming year hopes and dreams …. so with that said let’s make those resolutions and set those goals in all 3 aspects of our lives remember God first family next and our fitness and fellowship.

There were 4 HIMs to show at 5:30 ( Spider-Man even swung in !!).. and there were 12 for a rainy  day Murph.

We began with the pledge a brief disclaimer and mention of   What we will perform in the Murph and then we went on to it!

Starting with our 1 mile circuit around the park assemble in the play area where I had brought chalk to keep track of numbers ( some like Gastone have a memory like a steel trap and don’t need no stinking chalk!!) … we next did our pull-ups pushups and squats. All waited while all completed tasks and we set out for another Mile run assembling undercover of the picnic area . Mumble chatter and some going after the six until all return and we end with a final 22 single count merkins for the vets .

i love this exercise because it really challenges you and there’s plenty of open opportunities for mumble chatter or for supporting and lifting up each other up.

Pizza man spoke of the new F3 Q source which will meet at Starbucks at Harris Teeter either after Coconut Horse and Starbucks at Ingles at Crossroads each Sunday to discuss F3 topics on leadership, etc … check more info on Twitter or in a preblast !

There was also a lot of open excellent discussion on importance of making sure that we all dont put too much emphasis on F3 leaving our family out  …. that would be a fail! Balance is best.

Whoopee also commented on the setting of goals speaking of how we an all keep track of what we accomplish either each workout or day to day , in our diet …. whatever our goals are . He also cited an excellent example would be Roscoe who keeps an accurate log on his phone which he can access anytime to compare as needed!

prayers were for Sister Act , the upcoming new year , our goals and family … Def Leppard prayed us out

Great work by all !! Thank you for the opportunity to lead men !!

F3 Gastonia QSource Launch

Here it is F3 Gastonia…the launch of QSource for our region will be Sunday January 6th. We will have QSource at Crossroads (Ingles-715 W Trade St. Dallas, NC) and Coconut Horse (Harris Teeter-3350 Robinwood Rd. Gastonia, NC) every Sunday after both running/rucking AOs. If you can’t make it out to run or ruck, please post at 7:30am for QSource. We will discuss a different topic each week. Use the resource link below to review QSource and the materials for each week. I will post the topic we will discuss on Twitter each week. If you have any questions please let me know.

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