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Day: January 12, 2019

My First Q of 2019

So, this is YHC’s first Q of 2019 and 9 HIMs came out to the gloom on this cold January morning to get stronger, push the rock, and become better men in 2019. You know it is early January with the Cramerton bootcampers in full force, New Years Resolutions to get in shape and lose weight. Downtown Cramerton parking lot was much busier than normal.

5:30am, let’s get started…



  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Merkins

The Pledge

The Thang:

Mosey up Main St to Baptist church parking lot;

  • Lunges x10 i/c
  • Mountain Climers x 10 i/c
  • LBC x 10

Mosey to next street corner by train overpass;

  • Merkins x 10 i/c
  • Burpess x 8 oyo
  • Flutter kicks x 10 i/c

Mosey to corner behind downtown Main street;

  • Squats x 10 i/c
  • American Hammers x 10 i/c

Mosey down to the fire station;

  • Merkins x 10 i/c
  • Dips x 10

Next  a Triple Nickel up the hill;

Merkins x5, run up hill, squats x 5, rinse and repeat 5Xs

Mosey to the side parking lot across from town hall/police station for Dora 123….

Pax partnered up and did the following called exercises while partner ran the parking lot..

  • Merkins  x 50
  • Squats x 100
  • LBCs x 150

Next mosey to underneath overpass for wall squats and hip slappers, rinse and repeat 3x..

Mosey back to the flag for a round of Mary to finish it out!!


Announcements – January 29th, Rice n Beans

Prayer request for Anchorman, PAX dealing with injuries and/or other issues


Great workout and push by all PAX…As always, it was an honor to you lead you men. Thank you all for your support and allowing me to lead us in pushing the rock!

Breaker Breaker


“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13




The Pub: Every Which Way But Loose

0531 – Run

9 HIM’s for a brisk Thursday morning stroll. Stone Cold and JJ ran slower mosey pace to keep me company, and even at that pace it helped to push me harder than if I was running alone. I appreciate the camaraderie as these two could keep pace with the rest of the group. We ran the traditional route along Hoffman Road. YHC was humbled to get in four miles. Gastone did more than five and others may have as well.

I was not present at all places, and there is no rumor to this, but it could always be possible that some along the route may have changed up the routine a bit. So I am unable to rule out the unestablished and non rumored facts that some may have chosen to:

Nur, Karaoke, Lunge, Ruck, Fake Ruck, Mosey, Walk and even Ride around and give out last minute Holiday Greetings.

Always honored to lead and this helps me to get out and post in the gloom.

Until next time. Aye…….


The Kitchen Sink

This Q has been in the works for quite some time. Admittedly, I’m not a Folsom regular, having only posted a few times but their reputation precedes itself for their brotherhood, their coffee-rama, and most assuredly their mumble chatter. I had plenty of time to plan the workout – some of it worked and some were Q fails. 19 Strong overcame the fartsack to brave the high 30’s temperature. Sparky brought and FNG, so the disclaimer had to be emphasized: “…we’re not professionals, you vs. you, modify as needed, blah, blah, blah…” Here we go:

Pledge, Warm-up “SSH, in position move, in cadence, ready? exercise: One – Two-Three – One…that’s the warm-up mosey to the tennis court (Whoopee – you would be proud)

Thang: I pulled this from The Storm – the W drill to get the blood flowing. PAX begin at the baseline, run to the net, NUR to the “T” in the middle, run forward to the net, NUR to the baseline, do 2 burpees. Repeat that pattern for all 6 courts; plank for the six. The grumbling began early. With 19, I decided to split the group in half to run it back.

Mary is typically left out in the cold for workouts but not today. That sweet lady gets some early love this morning. Circle up for three different ab exercises, 25 seconds each for 3 circuits with a 25 second rest between circuits. Set 1 • Flutter Kicks • Freddie Mercury • Plank Jacks Set 2 • X Crunch • American Hammer • Ski Abs I had a playlist organized for this one. I knew the Site Q Montross is a big JT fan and with Slaw in the circle, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” led off. I had a few things in mind with this. First, the music was sure to start the chatter, good or bad. Second, the order was to target the abs along with some cardio. Try out the X Crunch: on your six, legs together, arms over your junk. Move your legs wide and your arms wide over your head (forming an “X”) then return. The American Hammers and Ski Abs further targeted your obliques, which are often neglected, but how else can you shape the six pack? Embrace the suck.

Staying on the tennis courts, split into teams with 4 men each (one team had only 3). This looked better on paper and after everyone got flowing as to where to go and what to do, it began to work. With better instruction (and probably a little more light to read the Q-cards) this will work better. I’ll attempt to describe: P1 is on Court 1 with 1/2 blocks doing Squat Press, Curls, Tricep Extensions – all x 10 P2 is between Court 2 & 3 doing lunge jumps, Mtn. Climbers, SSH’s – all x 10 P3 is between Court 4 & 5 doing Merkins, Imperial Walkers, and Burpee Lunge – all x 10 P4 begins by carrying sandbags to replace with P2; P2 carries the sandbag to exchange with P3 who then travels to the beginning to exchange with P1. The rotation went like I’d intended for at least two rounds but confusion and pace limited us to one round. I had done something similar at Midoriyama using only 3 stations. I’ll work to refine before breaking out again.

Mosey to the lower parking lot for the make-shift Folsom Country Club executive course (bet-cha never thought those words would be associated with a Folsom workout). The course was set up with three holes and being irreverent to the rules, we divided into “six-somes” and a “seven-some.” Throw a corn-hole bag and travel to that bag using these “shots:” lunge walk, burpee broad-jump, bear crawl, crab walk, and bunny hop. However many shots it took you to “hole-out” (shut your dirty mouth…) you multiply, yes I said multiply that number times the number of reps on the flag. Hole 1 was a par 4 with 10 squats. If it took you 4 shots to get there, 4×10= 40 squats – make sense? maybe? Hole 2 was a par 3 with 5 Burpees and Hole 3 was a par 5 with 10 Merkins. Despite the PAX not paying attention to all the instructions, I think it sort of accomplished the goal.

Now less than 5 minutes remained so to the picnic shelter for the final task that was originally done at the GasHouse this summer: 99 Beers on the Wall. Montross volunteered to select the beverage from the cooler. He chose the 24 ounce Busch Light which asked the PAX to perform Burpees then Flutter Kicks. The clock was set to 99 seconds, perform burpees until you can’t (or don’t want to) do any more. Then do Flutter Kicks. We hustled back to the start a little over time.

COT: Prayers lifted for Montross’s aunt, Bedpan’s M, EZ Rider’s family, Nikki Bailey, Roadie working out of town, and each other. Happy Birthday to Swimmer. We welcomed Ryon Dearing to the fraternity, now known as Tater Hole (it could have been worse). YHC took us out.

Moleskin: Despite some Q fails, the workout exceeded my expectations, not for the content, but for the community. There were a few moments of quiet, highly unusual in the hallowed grounds of Folsom but it proved to be a calm before the storm as the chatter filled the air most of the workout. Despite instructions occasionally falling on deaf ears, a lot of hard work was put in. Pearl Jam was out front for much of the day. Mozart about ran me over sprinting to the finish. Volt never skips a rep. I appreciate Madoff and Roscoe venturing over to the northside (I would mention Broke but he claimed to be a Folsom regular). This workout went by in about 10 minutes as my mind raced through instructions, monitoring the progress against the plan, and decisions of when to move on. I tried to cram about two workouts into an single hour to provide some flavor of my Q’s. Leaving some things untouched on the Weinke means I have to make a return visit soon. Hope the guys enjoyed it as much as I did.

Welcome to Neverland

A wonderful mild morning in the gloom as 14 (includes 2 ruckers) joined for the first post of the year at what was previously known as some combination of the black/dark knight/night. With the new year, comes the opportunity to start new and a quick announcement was made that the AO would now be known as “Neverland”. Announcements have since been posted via twitter world and slack. The genesis of “Neverland’ was a play off the confusion of the previous AO name and the metaphor from Peter Pan’s Neverland, where the aging process does not happen. In many ways, that represents the rock that F3 men are pushing to better our physical and mental capabilities.

Short review of the disclosure and reinforcement of safety precautions

The Pledge

Warm up

SSH x 40 IC

MNC x 40 IC

LBC’s x 40 IC

Merkins x 20 IC

Stopping at the first 4 lights – 20 squats OYO

Let’s mosey, towards Gastone’s hill.

At the doctor’s office – leap frog (broad jump up the hill to the first light), mosey back to start; rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey toward Gastone’s hill – stopping at next 4 lights – 20 calf raises OYO

At the Hill – Bernie Sanders (backward run) to the top; stopping at cul-de-sac. Plank it up waiting on the six.

Flutter Kicks x 50 IC

Mosey towards Union Rd; stopping in the Dollar Store parking lot. Lunge walk the parking lot end to end, mosey back to start to rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey towards the start; stopping in the Food Lion parking lot for some wall sits with air presses x 20. Rinse and repeat x3

Mosey across the parking lots; at the old HT saw approaching ruckers (Whoopie and Monk); wanted to welcome them to the PAX. Quick call for 30 monkey humpers OYO to say hello.

Mosey towards Snoballs; stopping at the wall for some dips x 20 IC with a jail break to the finish.


Gastone is planning a trip to Mt Mitchell to hike up and down (5 miles one way); reach out to him if you have an interest. Based on interest, he will plan something

QSource kickoff – great start, check it out

Whetstone – Entering year 2, opportunities for others to join; see Monk for more details.

COT: Prayers to T-Square’s M and family, Stonecolds Dad, Easy Rider’s son

Thanks for the opportunity to Q. Way to push the rock men. Always a honor to lead. Turtleman

More than a B-Day Q

Thankful for the men who joined me this morning at The Yank for my birthday Q! It was important for me to Q today, not just because it was my birthday, but because of what hitting 53 meant to me. More on that later.

Pledge and Mosey to side street. Lunge/High Knee/Butt Kicks/Toy Soldier/Inch Worms Circled up for more….SSH, Moroccan Nightclubs, and since we were so close to the train tracks, why not do 5 burpees. Telsa came to a very true revelation that offering up voluntary burpees early in the workout and so close to the tracks eliminates any trains from coming through for the next hour. It worked!

4 Corners (10, 10/20, 10/20/30, 10/20/30/40 …up and back down) alternate with bear crawls and crab walk in between each corner. Omaha’d to lunges on the way back through. With one corner to go, Buckeye found us and joined up with the PAX. Just in time to give us an even number for the next round.

10 American Hammers

20 Calf Raises

30 Monkey Humpers

40 Flutter Kick

Mosey to Stowe Park and partner up for Dora 1,2,3,4 with the run being up the stairs. Orangeman pointed out that the timing was perfect as each run up the stairs gave us a great view of a brilliant sunrise. We commented on how blessed we were to be able to do this. I think Virus may have been running too quickly to enjoy the view though!

100 Merkins

200 Plank Jacks

300 LBC

400 Squats

Mosey to the pavilion for 11s


Bobby Hurley’s

Quick trip up to the Field of Dreams for Triple Nickel . Heard a couple more groans from the PAX when this round was announce, music to the Q’s ears.

Speed Skaters

Run across the field

Wide hand Merkins

Thought we might not have time, so I was going to cut it short but YHC didn’t want to disappoint Norwood so we finished the last round as part of the mosey back to the Yank. Nice work by all including some EC beforehand by Dr. Seuss and Breaker Breaker. Gold Digger also did an early run, but couldn’t stay for the workout……good to see him as well. Reminded PAX about Rice N Beans on January 29th, we have a few more slots left.

YHC shared why this birthday was important for me to Q. When I was 23 years old, my Dad was diagnosed with Leukemia. He fought it hard but was very sick for 9 months and just after he turned 53, the disease took his life. Here I am now at that same age thinking about how much more I want to do in my life and how much was taken away from my Dad and our family when he was taken too soon. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I had just a little more time with my incredible Dad. If your father is still with us, please give him a call today or go grab a beer together. Spend a little extra time with your kids if you have them. If your father is no longer with us, he will be in my prayers today as I imagine what it will be like when we are all back together again in the Kingdom of Heaven.

We ended with some prayer requests. Breaker Breakers family with health issues, Tesla’s son, Buckeye’s cousin diagnosed with stage 2 cancer, F3 Money (77 yrs old) diagnosed with Lymphoma, and of course for sons and fathers everywhere. Thank you brothers for helping me honor my Dad today…..he would have loved this entire F3 Gastonia PAX as much as I do.

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