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Day: January 7, 2019

Saturday at the Yank

A beautiful cool morning at the Fighting Yank brought out 14 men including one FNG for a fine workout. Welcome FNG Bill McInerney. I hope to see you again next week! Thanks to Tiger for getting him out to the workout.

Short disclosure and review of the F3 Principles for the FNG.


Warm up:

Moroccan Night Clubs (IC) x 31

Planks Jacks (IC) x 20

Mosey to the corner across from the clock where the webcam is. Hopefully someone was watching as we did Goof Balls and Monkey Humpers in cadence. Of course our six was facing the camera.

Mosey to the corner of Catawba and Glenway. Instruct PAX to Mosey to Park St, stopping at each pole and do 5 merkins. Return doing 5 squats at each pole. Heard someone say Quiche was twerking at each pole. Glad I missed that sight. Plank for the six.

Mosey to parking lot were Glenway does a 90 degree turn. Q fail here for picking a lot with lots of trash. Sorry guys. Circle up and count off. (Another Q fail for not instructing Pax to count off but count by 3’s)

AMRAP – LBC’s, flutter kicks, windshield wipers, rosalita’s, leg lifts and Freddie Mercury’s while each PAX runs the circle in duck-duck-goose fashion.

Mosey to the picnic shelter. Dips (IC) x20, Bulgarian toe touch x (IC) 15, inclined merkin w/reverse grip x10 OYO. Rinse and repeat x 3.

Mosey to the school for BTW Hip Slappers and wall sits.

Pair up for Catch Me If You can around track. Partner 1 does 5 burpees while partner 2 Nurs. Partner 1 then runs to catch partner 2. Tiger took a spill while Nur’ing. Sorry Tiger.

Q fail for not noticing group of PAX at the other end of the track when finished. Thanks to Boudin for pointing them out to me and going to retrieve them.

Call LBC’s while waiting.

Mosey to the stairs for bear crawl and calf raises x 100 OYO.

Circle up at the Yank for some Mary. Q calls another 20 LBC’s, Orangeman called 6 shooters, Pockets called pretzel crunches. Had a few others but don’t remember specifics.

Yahtzee said we ran over 3 miles. Thanks for the data Yahtzee, that’s good to know.

Welcome to FNG Bill McInerney (F3 name Flipper). He is a big patriots fan since he is from the Foxboro, MA area. It was nice getting to know him.



Thank you all for coming out to better yourselves. It was a learning experience for me and a pleasure to lead you.

Dirt is OUT

No rain?

6 regulars and one fng makes 7.

Disclaimer – I am not a professional, follow my exercises at your own risk, you vs you. Ssh in cadence, mnc, helos, merkins mosey to bbt. Time for some wall work. No anchorman not the stupid shuffle. Wall sits with shoulder work. The. Lunge across parking lot al gore for the six. Plank plank and more plank right into merkins in cadence. Orangeman with a joke about his nuts. It was a good laugh. Ask him about his nuts some time. Lunges back across the parking lot for more wallsits and shoulder work. More plank and merkins. Lunge again with al gore for the six. Plank. Lunge wallsits give a few ten creative ten counts by tiger, Orangeman and virus. Let’s mosey.

Downtown start with single leg dead lift 11 each leg followed by more plank. Money to next next next next corner and more dead lifts. Mix in some abdominal work here with single leg toe touches, heel raises and flutters. Mosey. More dead lifts at the next corner. Plank. Six shooters in cadence. Mosey to the wall. 2 rounds of derkins in cadence. Mary at the wall with each pax favorite abdominal exercises. Toe touches, protractor, hammers, big boys just to name a few. Mosey to the start as time expires.


Announcements- contact anchorman if you are interested in feeding the hungry in Charlotte Tuesday January 29th 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm meet at 6:15 pm to clown car.

Welcome fng Chad Collins. Named Doodles. National Guardsman for 6 years. Former Technical Draftsman, youth pastor for 16 years, planted a church 11 years ago now pastor at combined Epic Church with Linwood Church of God.

Prayer request- brokes friend recent diagnosis with terminal pancreatic cancer. My cousin with new diagnosis of stage 2 sarcoma.

Tiger took us out with a prayer.

See yall Thursday at Mydoryama.

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