Lucky number 7 was the number of HIM’s that posted in the frigid 22 degree gloom this day at Bulldog. Even my bricks were cold, made the fingers numb. Here’s what happened.

I attempted to play the album Soup by Blind Melon because it’s awesome and it was recorded in New Orleans, which is where many of our PAX will be heading in a couple weeks to run races.

Warm Up

Don Quixote (exercise version)

Toy Soldiers

Mosey over to my chariot to pick up the bricks stowed in the trunk. Return to the start. We did…

Heavy Freddies (actually I made them Cockroaches) x15 IC

Dodo Birds x15 IC

Hands of Time (several rounds)

Oblique Crunch x15 IC each side

Newton’s Cradle x15

Stay put for a round of Flora 1-2-3. Partner up and do the following…

100 Merkins (10 at a time, swapping with your partner who was holding plank)

200 LBCs (25 at a time with bricks on chest, partner holds plank I think)

300 Goblet Squats (25 at a time, I can’t remember what the partner did in between)

We still had plenty of time so we did another round of the earlier exercises. Whoopee had to leave to save lives somewhere in all of this. He was missed.

Still had some time and my Blind Melon had stopped playing likely due to the freezing temperature so YHC modified for us to listen to Bring Sally Up via bluetooth. This was working well until it too stopped playing which led to what was possibly the most beautiful and horrific experience the local PAX has witnessed in a while, my acapella version of Bring Sally Up while doing said exercise. It was tremendous if I do say so myself!

End with prayer requests, announcements and namorama.

Sargento out!