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  • When: 01/31/2019
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  • QIC: Whoopee
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  • PAX: Gastone, Pedal, Voodoo, Whoopee

Diablo Sammich was pretty cold this am. We had 4 ruckers out there-I was likely to make it but needed backup just in case so Gastone was prepared to take over. Thankfully it was a quiet night in GasVegas and I made it there for the 2nd week of Diablo Sammich. Voodoo and Pedal were ready to go so the four of us started with the pledge then took off like greased lightning…..well, we took off like……hmmm, like……well, we started on time and we were walking. Yeah, we were walking, not too fast but not too slow…..kind of like……..walking…..with rucks and some weight. We talked about GoRuck and what they have done to elevate the popularity of rucking with equipment (all made in USA) and events. If you haven’t done so, look them up. Great quality stuff and the events are true endurance testers-ask Boudin or Freight about the GoRuck Tough event or any of the others that did the GoRuck Light event (I was not at the light event but a few of the Folsom regulars and I think JK2 were there). Before I knew it we were at Harris Teeter for the beatdown.

Circle up in the parking lot, strip down naked, then dump buckets of cold water on each other and see who can stand there the longest. Gastone cheated and peed on himself. It was great. After about 35 minutes Pedal’s nose fell off and Voodoo passed out. We took him inside Harris Teeter and poured some hot coffee on him. Pretty soon he was ok. We duck taped the nose back on Pedal and we were set.

We went back outside and continued with the workout. We circled up again and started back into the workout. We did about 15 minutes of AMRAP-turned out to be 4 rounds of the following: 50 flutter kicks while holding ruck in front over your head, 25 squats holding ruck over your head, then 10 Merkins with ruck on back. After each round, we swapped rucks so everyone had a chance with each other’s rucks. Gastone won the contest with the least-easy-to-hold ruck with his weighted vest. It actually was a good thing-it was uncomfortable and that is almost always a good thing. We saw some of the Pub-runners come by and yelled at a few of them but don’t think they heard us. Once we got back to rucking we passed a few-only one I could tell was Anthrax since I was not wearing my glasses and my eyes were cloudy from the cold water we had dumped on each other.

We rucked back to start for COT.

One of the side effects of F3 is you tend to pick up habits from the guys you hang around with. Probably the one habit I have picked up has been reading more regularly. I am currently reading a book that Jocko talks about often-About Face. It is written by Col David Hackworth (US army retired) and although it is very long, it has kept my attention so far. There is a quote from Shakespeare in the most recent chapter and it reminded me of F3 so I read the quote to the guys at COT. Here is the (slightly paraphrased) quote from Henry V:

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day who rucks with me

Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,

This day shall gentle his condition and the ruck shall strengthen his back;

And gentlemen now in GasHouse in their fartsacks

Shall think themselves accursed were they not here,

And hold their justifiers cheap whiles any speaks or reads thy backblasts

To those that rucked with us upon Diablo Sammich.”


We closed with announcements and quick prayer. Hope you can make it next week for Diablo Sammich. Don’t forget the hike up Mt. Mitchell on ? May 2 and look for some info coming soon on BRR and BRR-Ruck.