Crisp and chilly, bright and sunny, and 18 willing PAX to start the morning.  YHC chose the wrong short’s for the occasion and I may as well have been wearing Spanx.  My earlier EC took my phone from 83% battery life to zip, just in time to start the Q.  Knowing we had some distance to cover I reached out to the Bootcamp Pax to make sure we had a phone for safety.  With Monk and StoneCold in phone compliance we began.  Thanks to Q volunteers I had not Q’ed Gashouse for a month.  That showed when we did the pledge after dismissal.

Warm-Up:  And in no particular order



Merkins- 10 IC

Squats- 15 IC

Painlab off with Bedpan (10 of them) who had a morning of displeasure planned for his PAX.  Music locked and loaded those guys were set to pump some muscle.

Bootcamp (8 of us) set off to Grier, stopped short for a moment, got a count off and 20 merkins in the bank (that was for me to rest a moment).

The Thang:

Headed further to Parkwood lot for some Tesla book borrowed special.  Using the 4 corners of the lot (and I could not remember which corner’s were which number) we did the following.

Count off into pairs.  Pair 1 goes to corner 1, Pair 2 goes to corner 2, do you really need me to continue?

First round:  10 in each corner and after each corner is complete move to middle for 5 Burpee’s

Corner 1:  Merkins  Corner 2:  Squats  Corner 3:  LBC  Corner 4:  CDD’s

Second round:  20 in each corner and after each corner is complete move to middle for 3 Burpee’s

1:  Heels to Sky  2:  LBC  3:  American Hammer  4:  Mountain Climbers

Third round:  50 in each corner, 1 Burpee

1:  Side Saddle Hop . 2:  Merkins . 3:  Flutter Kicks . 4:  Morroccan Night Club

Mosey up hill, down to Sherwood Elementary.

Partner AMRAP:

Partner 1 Heels to Sky while Partner 2 runs to top of entrance hill, does one Burpee and comes back, switch.

Rounds 2, 3, 4, etc.

AMRAP:  Plank, 6″, American Hammer, maybe LBC (we may have run out of time)

Mosey back to Schiele.

Farm section of Schiele:  Audible…….

10 of each, squats, monkey humpers, lunge jumps, merkins.  Run Schiele trail, 3-4 minutes at a good pace.  YHC started off leading the PAX and became the Six as I watched them all pass me on the last hill up.

8:00, time.

Announcements / Concerns:

Sweetleaf and Boy Scouts selling Pine Needles, Union Road Christ Church, $4.35 / bale, $5.00 flat fee for delivery (DO not ‘hold’ me to this quote)(Quote from Linus has expired), see Sweetleaf and Cheesehead

CSAUP event:

Prayers for:

Stone and Blades

Teams to Haiti and Chimbote

Oompa Loompa’s Mother

Bandit’s Friends / Surgery

Rudolph’s collection to get Linus new pair of pants

Big thank you’s to Bedpan for coming to Q the Painlab and Monk for use of his phone for name-o-rama.