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  • When: 01/08/2019
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  • QIC: Sister Act
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  • PAX: Swimmer, Chewy, Blart, Hipaa, Slaw, Flipper, Tiger, Broke, Gold Digger, Magic Minnow, Wojo, Doodles, Def Leppard, Oompa Loompa, Sister Act (QIC)

15 men showed at Midoriyama tonight to put in some work.  To my knowledge, blocks haven’t been used in a good while at Midoriyama.  So I figured a good ole block beatdown  was long overdue for the PAX at Midoriyama.

Warm-Up:  SSH, Grass Pickers, Don Qs

The Thang:

Each PAX is instructed to grab a block from the back of Slaw’s truck and make there way to the parking lot just on the other side of the turd shack.  Here we would partner up for some partner block work.  5 exercises are given.  The exercises are:  50 Blockees, 75 Thrusters, 100 Tricep Ext., 125 Curls, and 150 Chest Press.  As P1 does exercise reps, P2 runs to end of parking lot and does 5 Hand Release Merkins, then returns to switch with partner.  Then P2 continues exercise as P1 runs, 5 HR Merkins, and run back.  Continue this until all reps are complete for all 5 exercises.  We did switch to 5 LBCs at other end of parking lot about halfway through this exercise routine.  Way to push this out men, and finish strong.

Next exercise called also required you to keep your partner.  We would do 11’s with your partner in the same area.  Exercises called were Goblet Squats w/ block and Booyah Merkins.   P1 on one side of parking lot, with P2  on the other.  Start with 1 Goblet Squat w/ block, then run to middle and 10 Booyah Merkins with partner.  Run back to side, 2 Goblet Squats, meet in middle for 9 Booyah Merkins.  Continue this until numbers are flipped and end with 10 Goblet Squats and 1 Booyah Merkin.  Not going to lie, this one sucked bad.  The Booyah Merkins right after the blocks had the upper body smoked.  There was some excessive mumble chatter on the correct counting of Booyah Merkins.  Just for the record, per F3 App, one rep of Booyah Merkins is when partners perform merkin in unison, and on move up reach out to tap right hands. Repeat merkin in unison, on move up reach out to tap  left hand completes 1 rep.

Next we still had time to do some Triple Nickel.  No partner needed for this routine.  Same parking lot, we would do 5 Mountain Climbers at top, run to other end to do 5 Burpees, then run back to top of parking lot.  Repeat this 5 times.  Once complete, head back to flag. Time!



Announcements: Q Source, Rice and Beans,  Lookout for upcoming CSAUP

Prayer Request


Honor to lead today men.  Appreciate the push.  Even though some of you say I talk excessively, I’m not one who usually has a lot to say when the workout is over.   This is an area I need to work on.  I only know one way, and that is to give you men your monies worth and push you to the max.  Appreciate everyone of you, and all that F3 has done for me.  SYITG

Sister Act