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  • When: 01/15/2019
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  • QIC: Hunkajunk
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  • PAX: Voodoo, Pedal, Broke, Whats Up, Sister Act, Clavin (Respect)

A few weeks ago during some mumble chatter I commented that it would be two weeks before I could Post here again and the date 1-15-19 was mentioned as the next time I could post at BULLDOG.   A certain Pax who will remain nameless, but his initials are Rudolph, says “Oh you’re going to Q then?”   Long story short –  YHC had my VQ today along with 6 Hims who met in the gloom for BULLDOG.

As we started I pulled out the Weinke along with the F3 Workout Deck and announced that since this was my VQ I cheated… we were using the workout deck.

Warm Up:


Imperial Walkers X 14 ( Apparently in my zeal to get to The Thang YHC stopped counting early)

Moroccan Night Clubs X 15 IC


Used the workout deck: Each Pax draws a card, High Card Wins.  Winner calls the workout and Count.  Explained how ties were broken.  Aces were automatic:  Do what the card says for the reps the card says, which by the way is 100.   At this point it gets a little hazy. Cant remember the count or all the exercises that were called, but mumble chatter at one point had us somewhere in the range of at least 325 total SSH, 300 Arm Circles, and a couple hundred calf raises… There were others; Squats, Merkins, LBCs, Big Boy Sit Ups, and courtesy of Sister Act – BURPIES!  There was more but I really cant remember all of them.  Everyone put in good work and hopefully got something out of it.


Announcements: Discussed Q source locations and times (Sundays following Coconut Horse / Crossroads)

Broke took us out in Prayer.