• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/27/2021
  • AO: Midoriyama
  • QIC: Montross
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tater Hole, Purple Haze, Boudin, Freight, Def Leppard, Blart, Oompa Loompa, Broke, Dr Seuss, Achy Breaky, Pockets

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon across F3 Gastonia. You could feel a touch of that summer humidity in the air…just enough to know posting at Midoriyama was gonna be tough. That being said, my weinke from this past Saturday at Folsom proved to be a tough workout so I recycled with a few small modifications.

Quick warmup – SSH, Toy Soldiers, and Merkins – all 10 in cadence.

Mosey to the small soccer field and partner up for..

50 Burpees
100 Overhead Claps
150 Merkins
200 Big Boys
250 Squats

Mosey back to the start-area for some counting. We might as well do some exercises while we count.

25 LBCs in cadence
20 Mountian Climbers in cadence
15 Lunges (count 1 leg only
10 Hip Slappers in cadence
10 Dirty Hookups in cadence
Repeat for 3 sets

As expected, the hip slappers and dirty hookups were fan favorites.

We had 2 minutes left so Achy Breaky called 20 American Hammers in cadence and Broke called 20 flutter kicks in cadence. TIME!

Prayer requests – SA, Big Pappy, Turtleman, Cougar’s grandma, Gumby’s mom, Crawdad, and the GSM family. YHC took us out in prayer.

2nd F lunch Thursday at noon at Buffalo Wild Wings. You can bring kleenex and hand wipes to Freight