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Day: April 25, 2021

Kinda Q

It had been advertised for a while that the PT Test would happen at Gashouse today. YHC put it out on Slack that Painlab would hold a modified PT Test alternative. The 1st F Q Short Sale put out a preblast reminding everyone of the workout details and in true SS fashion included what would be offered as a alternative to modify. This is what happened…

Short Sale led a warmup which included his attempt at the patented Sargento Left over Right. It was an attempt.

Pledge of Allegiance

YHC announced that he’d lead the modified PT Test guys. Rudolph offered a stay-at-home base version too so the guys wouldn’t have to go to the track.

Painlab – Deck of Death – They did Squats, Overhead Presses, Kettle Bell Swings, Curls & LBCs

Modified PT Test – Nobody did this!

PT Test –

  • Run a lap
  • Do 100 Merkins, Squats, LBCs & Side Straddle Hops
  • Run a lap
  • Do 75 of the same exercises
  • Run a lap
  • Do 50 reps
  • Run a lap
  • Do 25 reps
  • Run a full mile

Most everybody I saw who had done the test before didn’t beat their last time which is how it goes sometimes. Shout out to Les Nesman and Hermie though! They’re Painlab regulars who still did the full PT Test and killed it! Both these guys significantly exceeded their performance from last time. Way to go! Keep pushing that rock.

We all moseyed back to the start and did namorama. See Short Sale’s backblast for announcements and prayer requests.

I guess I get credit for this Q although I wasn’t really in charge. Eh, it’s all good. Everyone had a good time and pushed the rock and that’s what matters!


CSAUP – Amoeba Ruck 5/22/21

Grab your 4 man team, a ruck sack and some weight and lets throw down a few miles!

Launching from Primal Brewery at 0900 on 5/22/21 four man teams will navigate their way to six checkpoints before circling back to the finish at Primal.   At the start you will receive a team packet containing addresses of the checkpoints  and a picture of the “thing” you need to find when you get there.  With your team phone take a team selfie with the “thing” and text it back to YHC.  Now move on to the next until you hit all six.  Oh wait…  There will be something for your team to complete at each check point before you move on.  More on that later.

Once you find all six checkpoints get your team back to Primal to the finish line.


Estimated mileage ~ 12 miles by road.   (If you are creative it should/ could be less.)

Estimated time ~ 3 hours.   Back in time for lunch and a beer.


Rucksack – Team must carry 100# minimum in rucks.  This does not have to be an official GoRuck rucksack.  Grab any backpack and throw some weight in it.  Don’t have a backpack?  Still no excuse.  YHC has three loaners if you need one!

Smart Phone – for navigation and picture check ins.

FNG / Kotter –  Bring em out!

This starts at 0900 so you can still post at your favorite Saturday AO.  Come hit the Fighting Yank or our brand new,  yet to be named “Bulldoggish” workout.

Sign up link will be posted soon.

See you there!


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