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Day: April 30, 2021

Where are we going?

Warmup IC  emphasis on form. 



Overhead Claps

Cotton Pickers

Peter Parkers



Dying Cockroaches


5 Burpees.

Mosey to goat island. Nope its closed; so the PAX  introduced me to a  parking lot up the hill that was suitable.

Triple Nickel

  1. Squats, karaoke across and perform one leg deadlifts. Switch side karaoke each time.
  1. Merkin, high skip across and then perform Nolan Ryan’s.
  2. WW1, high leg lift across and perform LBC’s.
  3. Overhead Claps, Butt Kickers across and perform Moroccan Nightclubs.
  4. Hillbillies, high Knee across and perform Imperial Walkers.
  5. Stretch legs.
  6. Wind Sprints.

      A. Start sprint from knee position.

       B. Start sprint from Push-up position.

        C. Regular wind Sprints.

Slow mosey back for recovery after each set.

Good job men!!

a long one

5 Bad MFer’s showed up at downtown this am. Yup, I said it. It’s true and you deserve the truth if you are reading this. We were some bad MFer’s this am. If you weren’t there, you missed out…..BIG TIME. It was great. The weather was perfect. The air was right….until Purple Haze made it not so….but that is ok because it’s a men’s workout. And men do things that are manly. And sometimes it is offensive. But that is ok. We are men and we can handle that.

We started with a disclaimer for SA-try to keep up with the old man. Today is my birthday and 51 years old is nothing to take lightly. I really think I am just hitting my prime if you want to know the truth. Pledge was next then we did a quick warmup with 5 SSH and 1 Burpee (5-1, get it? 5-1 because I am 51 today…..stay with me. We won’t go too fast).

We moseyed a short distance to the round parking lot ? West of the pavilion. Mosey 1 lap, 10 squats. Mosey 1 lap, 20 squats….then I remembered one of our (younger) pax has a bum knee so we Omaha’d to 31 squats for total of 51 squats and cut the mosey/run short. We moseyed over to the other side (East side) to find a nice wall……I then asked a younger pax this question: “What exercise would you like to do?” and he replied with a smile, “Hip Slappers, sir.” We I showed him my electronic weinke and wouldn’t you know it, there it was, “HIP SLAPPERS” for the next exercise. So we started with 10 OYO. Not enough for this old man so we did 10 IC. We did a few more and some were OYO and some were IC. Some were fast and some were slow (but the slow ones were generally ignored). We got to 51 with a few side eye looks from the younger pax-I could tell there was a little animosity towards me….Whatever, suck it britches. We started to mosey but then I thought again. We got about 15 feet and I called for some more hip slappers just for fun. Just to be clear, that was for my fun, not yours. Slaw was leading the pack so I ‘splained to him our destination was the wall. “THE WALL. As in McQuitter’s WALL?” asked the Slaw-bag. “Why yes, Slaw, that is the wall of which I am referring” said I. So we all moseyed to THE WALL. I have not been to the wall in a while so I had to look at the brick-Hazel and Richard McQuitter. AKA Dick McQuitter. (Insert jokes here-especially the long jokes)

At the wall, we did several sets of step up’s and Derkins for a total of 51 reps of each then moseyed to the parking deck for some mo’. At the deck we did LBC’s at the bottom and Mountain Climbers and Monkey Humpers at the top. The goal was 51 reps of all of these but who knows? I said one thing about the number of reps and did almost anything else.  At the bottom we did some flutter kicks then moseyed to the art thing for dips (AKA arm squats) then headed back home. Along the way there was some chatter about getting rear ended, being in the Navy, and dropping the soap. It was kind of a blur for me and I don’t really remember what happened. I do know that I can’t sit down today. Huh? funny, that’s never been an issue. Oh well…..We got back to home base in time for some Mary then finished with a COT. Unfortunately our 5 minutes of Mary turned into 4 minutes. There was an explosion or automatic gunfire or something. All I know is it was bad, we had to stop quickly, and I was thankful the wind was not blowing in my direction.

During COT I was serenaded by Slaw aka Marilyn Monroe. It’s ok, SA. I know you are jealous. It will be your birthday soon and maybe you will get serenaded also. And don’t be ashamed of sloppy seconds. We all need some love sometimes. Just embrace it.

Prayers for Turtleman (among others). If you are reading this-get well, be strong, reach out if we can help.

thanks for coming out for my birthday. SYITG-Whoopee


i’m back

Another day at Diablo. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Diablo. This week Sledge reached out and I just could not say no. Woody strolls in compliments of Flintstone. We reminisced about the GoRuck event we did a few years ago with Boudin and Freight-good times and great memories.

We started with a quick disclaimer and then the pledge. Before moving, I wanted to get some warm up stuff in first. We used our rucks and did sets of chest press, upright rows, bent rows, squats, and flutter kicks while chest pressing on our six then took off for a bank tour….

We rucked down Union Road towards Waffle House and stopped at a few banks along the way. We also stopped at some places that were not banks….”Hey, this isn’t a bank” was heard multiple times but we pressed on. At each stop we did some exercises with the rucks. Eventually we reached a point where we were going to stop, do some exercises, and then turn around, but unfortunately a pack of wild rabid wolves chased us off. They came running up to us growling and barking. There was gnashing of teeth everywhere. They got so close I could almost smell their breath. Most of them had blood on their faces, likely from a fresh kill earlier in the night. There must have been 30 or 40 full grown wolves all around us. I think they would have carried Wide Right off but thankfully we moved on before they got to him.

We headed back and did more exercises along the way and unfortunately I got us back about 3 minutes late. We finished with a COT and were thankful to be alive.

During the COT, I mentioned that (insert Jocko voice) BACK IN THE DAY when guys like CSPAN would Q for us here in GasHouse, he would work us hard for a bit then while we recovered he would spend a minute or 2 teaching us something that he learned that week or maybe something about F3. I don’t remember many specifics, but I do remember feeling like I got better each time, not only physically but better as a person. It was usually something I would think about that day then sort of chew on it during the week and try to apply it as  much as I could to my life especially that week. One topic I remember is the concept of ACCELERATION. I brought this up during the COT. I know AOs like Diablo and Pain Lab are multi-purpose workouts (aren’t they all???)-some guys go because they enjoy rucking or weights and others go because they hate running and don’t feel up to boot camps (yet). It doesn’t matter which AO you go to though. What matters is this: ARE YOU IMPROVING? ARE YOU ACCELERATING? I don’t care whether you have 2 pounds or 200 pounds in your ruck. But you should care. You should care if you had 2 pounds 6 months ago and you are still carrying 2 pounds now. Are you walking the same distance at the same. exact. pace. every. single. Thursday? This pandemic stuff has kicked my butt and I don’t think I realized the extent until this week. I’ve been exercising……some. But I have not been posting which means I have not been around most of y’all. And because of that, I’ve not been doing other things that kept me accelerating like I was. I slacked off on my reading. I have been eating way to many cookies at work (dang, they are good). I’ve been sleeping in or spending too much time at work instead of paying attention to my concentrica. Well, that shit stops now. I’m back on track and will again be a pain in the butt the GasHouse pax for the foreseeable future. Thanks to Sledge, ? Easy Rider, and Wichita for letting me Q a few in a row to get me re-focused. Like we all know, life is too short. I enjoy this F3 stuff and it makes be a better person.

See you soon-Whoopee

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