Fortunately for me, Dr. Seuss reminded me at the PUB that I had the Q downtown.  With less than 24 hours to prepare I knew I had to put something together and declared the theme would be hard times.

Twelve men showed in the Gloom and we got right to it.  Disclaimer and then warmup right at 0530.


Mosey to the bridge and bearcrawl the bridge.  We needed a countoff after that.

Mosey down to the County building near the ATM (street crossing one)  Assemble at the base of the steps for DORA.  Partner up…

The exercise at the bottom while the partner runs the steps, gives 5 burpees between the steps, and then runs back to switch for 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBC’s.  This got the sweat rolling.

Hit staircase for calf work.  50 regular, 40 pigeontoed, 30 duck footed.

Mosey back to the intersection for street crossing two.  Squats while we wait for the light.  Mosey to the Pavilion where YCH got the speaker.

Mosey to the small community park for 30 dips, followed by another mosey to the top of the parking deck.

One minute EMOM exercises while the Dusty Rhodes “hard time” speech plays in the background with the Runkeeper app drill instructor telling us when the minute was up.

First round minutes 20 CDD’s + 10 Dying Cockroaches + 1 getup x 2

Second round minutes 25 mnt climbers + 20 Flutter Kicks x 2

Change the station to some Alice in Chains downtown playlist of “Sea of Sorrow” and “We Die Young”.

Get on one end of the parking lot for the Thang:

Hand release merkin burpee long jumps at each parking space line across the top of the deck to the other side.  (Crowd Pleaser-Was asked during this why the interesting song choice….are you not swimming in a sea of sorry?)

Mosey back and lunge walk the top of the deck and then mosey to start.

We finished up with two burpees before the clock struck 0615.

You never know when adversity will strike you.  Hard Times happen to all of us and if you aren’t prepared can take a toll.  We should consistently be preparing for adversity and hard times by keeping pushing ourselves to do hard things.  Voluntary tough things builds resilience.

Announcements: Convergeance April 17th , PT test on the 24th,  F3 Dad’s AO trash cleanup tomorrow (see Mayor’s preblast)  TronMoss 5/10k next Sunday at Crossroads at 0630.

Prayer requests:  GSM employees and families-Stroganoff.  Big Pappy’s son, James Lewis family and son, Flintstone’s sister, my FIL and the Frunzi family on the their loss of son Bennett.

I am glad Dr. Seuss reminded me of my Q (Accountability).  I signed up for this some time back when I was still recovering from a stress fracture and thought it would be a good goal to put something in the future to prepare for.  I am glad I did and grateful for the HIM’s that turned out.