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Day: April 20, 2021

Doggin it

Rocks were being pushed today in the gloom at Bulldog.  9 HIM did work without kettle bells. This is what happened…


Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey to YHC’s car trunk and pick up some bricks then mosey to the track. No lights here, no problem though, it’s Slowjangles Biscuit time! Lunge walk the track and do a burpee.

After a lap of that we mosey back to the starting point for some Lazy Dora 123. Partner up and do 100 Merkins, 200 Squats and 300 LBCs.

Mosey to the hill at the track to do our final routine, 12’s. It’s YHC’s 2.2’s birthday today and she’s…12 years old! At the bottom of the hill do 11 deltoid raises, at the top do 1 tricep extension. This was a good one to get the heart rate up. Most of us finished this routine in time but we pulled the plug a little early to make it back to the start on time.

As luck would have it we had time for a few extra Goofballs for good measure. Time’s up! Thanks for the opportunity to lead men.

Announcements – PT Test

Prayer Requests – Turtleman, GSM, Patty Faysoux (chorsu teacher at Cramerton middle school who has pancreatic cancer

4/20/21 National Marijuana Day

Did I get your attention?  I saw a headline that Willie Nelson wants the POTUS to declare 4/20 as National Marijuana Day.  With weed being legalized in more and more states, I’m sure this will be a reality soon.  April 20th has a more significant meaning for me.  April 20, 1982 was the day I became a father.  My oldest son, Jeffrey was born at 9:05 pm in Waterloo, IA.  It’s a day that changed my life.  On to the workout!



Statement on how The STORM shirt is the best design in all of F3, which in fact it IS!

Seal Jacks IC x 25

Hill Billy Walkers IC x 20

Eskimo Merkins we worked up to 6, paused, then did 7 and finished with 8.

Mosey to the bottom of the practice field for the start of Four Corners.  Thanks to Breaker Breaker for giving me this idea as he did this a couple of years ago.

5 Burpees at the first corner

10 Merkins at the second corner

20 Dips at the third corner

40 Flutter Kicks counting one leg at the fourth.

Rinse and repeat x 5

Mosey to the bleachers at the ball fields for…… you guessed it DIRTY CALVES!

Calf Raises (double count) x 10, 10, 15, 15.  Watts Up wanted to keep going so we did a couple more sets of 10.

Circle up for a round of Circle Abs.  Each PAX calls out an AB exercise of 10 reps.  Each Pax calls the next one as fast as they can without a rest in between.  Lots of moaning and groaning here because we had a ton of PAX show up this morning.

Mosey toward the flag and stop short for 11’s.  Start with 10 Peter Parkers and 1 Jump Squat at the other end.  We got through the 8 and 3 round before time ran out.

Mosey back to the flag and arrive at 6:15.45.  Sorry I went over Gentlemen!

Pledge – Thanks for reminding me about this Pilgrim.

Good work today men.



PT Test at Gashouse on Saturday at 7:00 am.  All other AOs are open.

Dr Seuss purchased a new car.  Nice ride Seuss!



Prayer Requests:

Turtle Man

Dry Rub’s M

Hux Family

Folsom 420

This morning I had the pleasure to be the Q at Folsom.

Warm Up,
SSH 20, Nolan Ryans 20, Fire Hydrants 20, Knee Hold Stretch 10 seconds each side.

The Thang:
Mosey to the road close to the ball fields for some speed bump to speed bump sprints.
4x 10 merkins at each speed bump meeting in the middle for 20 squats
Like a callus Rabbit Ears rolls in just as we finish up and I call 5 burpees to welcome him.
Mosey to the Tennis Courts
Puff Puff Pass:
Partner 1 does the exercise partner 2 sprints to the end and back.
100 CDD (always thinking of you Def)
100 Mtn Climbers
100 Dying Cock Roaches
100 Raise the roof
20 Burpees together or split them between your partner
Once finished we did this:
Super Man hold for 20 seconds Iron man hold for 20 seconds then 10 merkins.
I lost count of how many times this went around.
Pledge and a fellowship mosey back to the parking lot.
We finished with 22 for the vets.

Announcements PT Test this weekend.

Prayer request: SA, our nation, each other, and celebration of T-Rons Moms birthday.
Prayed also for safety of the country should the verdict today cause others to lash out and riot.
Special prayer for Turtle Man, if you have never met him he is a good dude. We are always here for you Brother.

The BedPan is Full!

The 2021 Tronmoss 5k

Thanks to the 14 men who posted at Crossroads for the 2021 edition of the Tronmoss 5/10k. A bit of a Q fail in this one as I should have set an earlier start time for the 10k. We live and learn! The main thing is we helped support a young lady and family who has gone through an awful situation. Learn more about the story here if you haven’t heard it already.

The winners are as follows:

Overall: Ball Joint with a 5k PR and the win
Pax Division: Montross, running his first 5k in the 8s in quite some time
Respect Division: Oompa Loompa – the ol’ Marine represents for the silver tops
10k: Dr Seuss – technically Haze and Slaw were considered ineligible by the race committee since they left early, but we will make adjustments for an earlier start time in the future. Let’s be honest though, Seuss would have won anyway!
Also, special thanks to BOS, Pilgrim’s Progress, and Orangeman for making their way across the county to ruck the event.

We raised over $300 to contribute to Tori (the daughter of the victim). All in all, over 5k was raised and donated between F3 ENC, FiA, and a few other groups. Nice work men. I know this personally meant a lot to 4-Leaf and some of the other guys down in F3 ENC and it is cool to see guys from 250+ miles away chip in and help out other communities like you did. I appreciate all of you who came out as well as those of you who contributed online!

Prayer requests: There were many. Sister Act and other guys battling injuries, the GSM family and especially the families of Mr Lewis and Shook, Turtle Man, and several others (sorry, I didn’t make a list). YHC took us out in prayer. BTW, I really dig the prayer list channel on Slack. Props to whomever crated that. Check that out if you haven’t!

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