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Day: April 26, 2021

Merkin Haters

4 HIM showed at the AO for a beatdown today. It was a little chillier than anticipated so there’s nothing to do but got after it. This is what happened…

Pledge of Allegiance

DIsclaimer – I’m a pro, do what I say.

Warmup – Goofballs IC, Don Q’s IC, the Sargento Right over Left IC

Since most of this AO’s name starts with MH, YHC decided to take it all the way to the MHC and boycott all Merkins for this workout. In fact, we’d be doing nothing but Hard Core the whole time (and some running).

Mosey to the right toward downtown.

Stop at the first parking area for 4 Corner Escalators. This was the biggest 4 corners ever, going all the way around town. At the first “corner” we did 10 V-Ups IC. Mosey down to the Italian place for “corner” 2 where we did 10 V-Ups IC and 20 WWI situps. Mosey down Main Street to the next “corner” and do 10 V-Ups IC, 20 WWI’s and 30 American Hammers each side. Mosey again up to the corner by the elementary school for the last round of 10 V-Ups, 20 WWI’s, 30 Am Hammers and 40 Freddy Mercury’s IC. We only got halfway through the Freddies before we stopped. Omaha!

Mosey up to the middle school parking lot for the next situation. 11’s at one end do Peter Parkers, at the other end do Crunchy Frogs. Fun!

Fellowship mosey to where the benches used to be but keep going to the never before used concrete benches. Do Racoon Crawls across the top of them, 6 in all.

Last round of the day, do 25 IC reps of LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Nolan Ryan’s each side, Dying Cockroaches and real Oblique Crunches each side.

Mosey to the start and we’re done. Thanks for the opportunity to lead men!

Announcements – Lots of ruck stuff

Prayer Requests – Turtleman, GSM family, Pillager’s mom’s cousin with cancer, Pillager’s friend’s dad in car accident

YHC took us out.

Fartleks for Whoopee

Whoopee thought nobody was going to show up to run with him. Roscoe was there and then YHC rolled in with 2.5 minutes to spare. That’s practically early if you ask me. The three of us headed out for a medium mosey around the usual route.

Whoopee is a little bit on the injured side but still posted and notified Roscoe and YHC that he’d probably slow down when his injury flared up. To counteract this situation we decided to cut the corner by taking a right on Hudson instead of going all the way to the greenway to give him a little shorter route.

As Roscoe and I would move ahead over time we’d circle back to pick up the 6. This was referred to as doing a fartlek, especially when one of us would break wind on the circle back and we had to run back through the crop dusted area. Fartlek…

We finished the run and all had a joyous time.

Announcements – lots of ruck stuff, Freed to Bleed this Thursday at Noble Smoke in CLT

Prayer Requests – GSM family, Turtleman, PAX looking for work, PAX travels

YHC took us out.

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