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A Gift of a Lifetime

3 Runners, 4 Ruckers and a Short Sale posted for some enrichment Sunday morning.  It was a beautiful morning for getting out of the fartsack to improve oneself.  After a brisk 45 minutes of first F,  6 of us stayed around for “Q Source”  Having just finished Freed to Lead last week, we decided that the Q for the week would have the option of choosing a topic on leadership for discussion.  I choose an excerpt from a book entitled A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court.  This is a short book of reflections from John Wooden (UCLA’s basketball who won 88 straight games and won the national  championship 10 times in 12 years).  I choose this topic as several Pax (including YHC) are going through a time of transition with kids graduating from high school.  The section of the book I choose was a chapter entitled “A gift of a lifetime” in which John Wooden describes a time in his life when he was about to leave home his father gave him the following list of guidelines for life.

  1. Be true to yourself – This is the foundation of all the subsequent guidelines – and thus the reason that this is listed first.   Without inner honesty nothing else in this list can be accomplished – you cannot be true to others unless you are honest with yourself.
  2. Help others – not just your physical gifts but rather give of your most valuable possession – your time
  3. Make each day your masterpiece – do not get caught up living in the past or the future but make the present count
  4. Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible – instill a love of reading to your children
  5. Make friendships a fine art – nurture friendships that involve two way dialog
  6. Build a shelter against a rainy day – do not get caught up in materialism
  7. Pray for guidance and count and give thanks for your blessings every day – stop asking for more and give thanks for what you already have.


I hope this short list inspires us all to lead a life well lived.

Until next time –


Defib out


Bags, Blocks, & Bodyweight

Beautiful morning pax are ready. No FNG’s quick disclaimer let’s get to it.

Body weight Warm up

SSH, Gravel Pickers, LBC, MNC.                               22 for the vets and the Pledge.

Block Circuit 1

7×7 Thrusters, Triceps Extensions, Hammer Curls, Sumo Squats 15 sec. rest between sets

Rifle Cary to tennis courts

Block Circuit 2

6×6 same as before with suicide sprints between rounds Rifle Cary around courts

Block Circuit 3

5×5 once again same as before with a Rifle Cary across the courts between rounds

Rifle Cary back to the parking lot to get rid of the blocks

Heavy Bag Finisher

Mosey to the soccer field upon arrival we find about 600lbs of pool salt time for some heavy bag farmers walks.

10 squats grab 2-40lb bags farmers walk then 5 burpees rinse and repeat for 5 rounds.

Mosey back to parking lot for COT and announcements.

I would like to thank everyone who came out this morning and say thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.

Prayer Requests

Turtle Man, Big Pappy and family, SA and family

Hauling Gas!

13 on a fine Carolina Morning for a Free Alignment check at Folsom!

No Fngs

Short Disclaimer. Trust me I’m a Mechanic, modify as needed , don’t die!


Warm UP:

*SSH x10 ish IC

  • Don Q’s Slow x10 IC

*Where Did that lug nut go (gravel pickers) x10 IC,

*What is stuck on the bottom of my boot? (Toy Soldiers) x10 IC

*MonBacks–MonIns (MNC) x10 IC

The Thang:

Mosey to the Flag Pole, stopping at each light pole to do  :  1 HR Merkin, 25 MTN Climbers, and 10 Crunchy Frogs.  Increase the HR Merkins by one at each light..I think we ended up with 7 HR merkins by the time you got to the Flag.    Next was Pledge (I remembered this time) and a short mosey to the Horse Arena Bleachers.  Triple Nickle here….Dips at the bottom then Box Jump to the top and Big Boy Sit ups.  After that short mosey back up to the top parking lot for the Cooper.  Which is 10 burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins and a lap, 9 Burpees, 9 Squats 9 Merkins and a lap.  That’s 55 of each exercise and a mile or so to boot and it sucked!  Dr. Seuss and Sparky were way out front on this ! Way to Push!  After a short 10 count we started a slow mosey back to the tennis courts.  Here we did a Pit Crew Challenge!   I had two 5 gallon pales of Vp C23 (Fuel we use in Ole Blue) in the middle of the courts, and 2 Mickey Thompson Radial Pros at the fence line.  Each Pax’s called a exercise we did AMARP while they sprinted to the fuel, farmer carry to the fence then pick up the tires and carry back to the center court then sprint back to the line.  With 13 guys we had lots of exercise including, Merkins, Lbcs, Crunchy Frogs, Flutters  , Freddy Mercs,  SSH,  and a few others I cant remember.  We finished with YHC as the last on to make the run….right on Time!


  • Blood drive June 16th at Tech Worx in Belmont, 1:30pm – 6:30pm,
  • Murph on Monday @ Marthas
  • June 19th First F3 Dads @ The Yank
  • Snowbirds Sept 24-26 see Sparky for details


Prayer Request:

  • Big Pappy and his Family, Turtle Man, SA and his Family, Hal White, Nick O’brian and all the other fallen men and women on this Memorial day Weekend


YHC took us out in Prayer.


It was a Honor to Lead today!


Ball Joint


Bob Ross was at Mt. Hollywood

Mt Hollywood   5/31/21

The Memorial Day edition of Mount Hollywood brought six Pax out on a cool morning to honor those that have lost their lives in military service to our country.  Thanks to all the families who have lost loved ones while in the military.  Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  Each one us are indebted to your sacrifice.  Our freedom was paid for buy their lives!

Here is how the workout went:

Hillbilly Walkers IC x 20

Goof Balls IC x 20

Eskimo Merkins up to 9


Mosey along Catawba to Oakland street.  Stopped and did 5 Burpees.   Mosey to the corner of Oakland and West Central St. for 5 more Burpees.  Mosey up to the field beside the elementary school for Belches which are………..

Pax lays flat on the ground in a line, Q says go. Everyone hops up similar to recovering from a burpee, and sprints 5 – 10 steps, then dives down flat on the ground remaining in line. Essentially, you’re advancing the field without the enemy fire being able to smoke you. Go hard, go quick. After getting to your resting place, complete upper, and core routines, then do a different upper, core routine, then belch back to the starting point, mission accomplished.<br /> Best on grassy fields in the gloom with some morning dew, some dives have slides, one must reverse low crawl to get back to the line or forward low crawl to advance to the line.

Alternating Side Squats IC x 10

American Hammers IC x 10

Backward Lunges IC x 10

Six shooters IC x 5 each side

Belch Back

Alternating Side Squats IC x 10

American Hammers IC x 10

Backward Lunges IC x 10

Six shooters IC x 5 each side

About this time Montross says something like a “Dirt workout is like a Bob Ross painting show”.  Mild mannered and soft spoken.  I guess I need to step it up a notch or two.


Mosey to the field in front of the middle school for the Big Bang.

PAX form small circle, everyone in a plank, shoulder-to-shoulder. Place headlamp in the center. Q calls out a number and exercise. For example, “10 burpees,” means PAX stand up in an explosion of energy, run directly away from center of circle 10 yards/paces and do 10 burpees, then run back to the center and plank for the 6. Each PAX must find their own route away from the center of circle. Obstacles–ditches, trees, pits–are encouraged, but next round can’t start until all PAX accounted for. Generally performed in increasing counts (10 paces/reps, 20 paces/reps, 30 paces/reps, 40 paces/reps, 50 paces/reps) representing the ever-expanding universe.


10 paces – 10 Diamond Merkins

20 paces – Crunchy Frogs

30 paces – Flutter Kicks (count 1 leg)

40 paces – Little Orhan Annie’s (20 each side)

50 paces – Air Presses

60 paces – LBC’s

70 paces – squats

80 paces – Overhead claps

Mosey back to the flag.

Thanks to attending gentlemen!



Prayer Request:


Big Pappy’s family

SA’s family

Montross’ cousin

5/1/21 – The Fighting Yank – Lost Wienkie!

Well, what do I expect after 30 days without writing the back blast?

This was my 3rd anniversary Q so it was a special day for me. After 3 years of regularly meeting everyone, I am a better man today than I was on April 30th, 2018. Thanks to everyone who has pushed me to run farther and to push more than I thought possible.

Nine PAX showed up to run 2.3 miles, stopping along the way for 10 merkins, 20 squats and 30 LBC’s.

We stopped at the point where North Central and Mainstreet meet for some wall sit marching and air presses. There was a dead black snake there that made Sargento gag! Way to hold it in bro.

We stopped in a parking lot for AB Ring of fire.

We stopped in front of the middle school for Figure Eights.

Mosey Back to The Fighting Yank!

Thanks for showing up men.




Bunker Tabata

We had 8 PAX hunker down in the bunker!  Anyone familiar with my PainLab workouts knows I bring my normal set of Athlean-X inspired tools.

Tabata Timer App:

6 Pack Promise App:

Athlean-X Youtube:

After splitting from The Fighting Yank crowd, we we began our workout.  No FNG’s, but there were a few faces I hadn’t seen before that morning!  We began with a dynamic warmup and an ab circuit via the 6 pack promise app.  The exercises consisted of 7 rounds.  Each exercise in each round was 1 minute long with 30 seconds rest between rounds.

  • Rounds #1 and #2
    • Bench overs (for time, 60 seconds)
    • Tricep Extensions (kettlebell), 25 reps in 60 seconds
    • Single-leg high hip bucks – Switch at 30 second mark
    • Kettlebell 2-armed rows – 25-30 reps in 60 seconds
  • Rounds #3 and #4
    • Imperial Walkers (for time, 60 seconds)
    • Single-arm overhead press (kettlebell), 15-25 reps in 60 seconds
    • Hindu Squat Through (for time, 60 seconds)
    • Kettlebell bicep curls – 15-25 reps in 30 seconds each arm
  • Rounds #5 and #6
    • T-Squares (I didn’t know what else to call them.  T-Square showed me the video of the exercise).  They involve performing a halo in tandem with a reverse lung.  We did these for reps.  10 each side in 60 seconds.
    • Merkins (25-30) in 60 seconds
    • Prisoner Squats (20-25) in 60 seconds
    • Superman Pullups – 25 reps in 60 seconds
  • PT Prep Bonus Round
    • Ketllebell Swings – 60 seconds
    • Merkins -25 reps
    • Bodyweight Squats – 25 reps
    • LBCs – 60 seconds
    • Side Straddle Hops – 60 seconds

As the leaf turns

10 at Crossroads this morning for some running. I chose the big loop around. The bat flippers including those on the 80/20 plan were already gone so 6 of us set out. As we went around the gate at the college SA decided to practice his JJ5K plan and tried shoving me in the woods. Despite this act of violence I turned the leaf right back over and forgave him.  Heading up the tower lane a skunk crossed our path so we slowed the pace to let it get by. All of a sudden SA grabs me and throws me between him and the skunk. Yet again I let it go and turn the leaf back over. This is the nature of our relationship. He constantly does things to try and antagonize me and I just keep turning the leaf, he flips, right back over. As we discussed at Q-Source this morning the best way to influence someone is by word and deed. I hope that someday my deeds will ignite a palpable desire for change in him.  I recognize he has to want it and I can’t make him change but I can influence him.


Announcements-“OUR” service project items, Murph on Monday, Bike ride at 7 on Monday from Ingles

Prayer Request-A lady from PM’s church who lost her baby, due to SA’s unruliness I didn’t here the others

3 seconds

4 PAX posted at Old School on Saturday.  Some may have been scared away by my picture of blocks I posted on Slack.

Warmup: Nope

The Thang:

I converted some workouts from the Heavy Drop Training Boudin and I did a few months back to be done with blocks instead of rucks and sandbags. We did an upper body and most of a core workout.  This is how it went.

hand release merkins- 4 sets x 30seconds with 30s rest between each

curls-3 x 15 reps with 30s rest

Rollers(google ruck rollers)-4 x 10r ic w/90s rest

Bent row-3 x 15r with 60s rest

High pulls-4 x 15r with 60s rest

Merkins-2 x 2 minute rounds with 90s rest

Butterfly situps-3 x 30s with 30 s rest

4 ct Freddy Mercury’s-3 x 20r with 30s rest

4 ct back scratcher(block on your stomach)-3 x 10r with 30s rest

Block to toe lever(v-up holding your block in the air)-3 x 20r with 60 s rest

WW2 situp-2 x 2 minute rounds with 90s rest


Announcements-service project items, Murph on Monday, bike ride from ingles at 7 on Monday.

Prayer Request-Pappy and family, SA and family,


Just looking to share some of the HDT with the guys this morning. Apparently Short Sale thought we would be going somewhere and had his watch on run or something because it only showed 3 seconds of work on Strava. If you are looking for something to change things up I highly recommend it. It’s a great 6 week training program with various options. I got faster and stronger over the course of the program. I went in looking for strength gains and ended up setting multiple run PR’s. Look up Cleveland area rucking crew and heavy drop training.

Conspiracy Theories at the Gashouse!

On a Memorial Day Saturday with some early summer heat and humidity with a light pax at the AO YHC had a plan and it definitely involved being a little different. Which is a good thing! After 5 straight posts and a some pretty challenging work all week long YHC was a little spent today. Throw in the first roll of heat and humidity and it was a sluggish start – but it didn’t stay that way. Here’s what happened:


Arm stretch

SS – burpees X 5

Foot to had stretches

Grass pickers X 20

Bootcampers off with me to the track, painlabbers stay back.

Bootcamp work, six shooter variation.

10 burpees, lap

20 Big boys, lap

Over to the tables.

Dips, Stepups (each leg), Dirkins, inclined big boys

3 repeats, 10X, 15X, 20X.

Back to the track:

30 Werkins, lap

40 squats, lap

Down to the area next to the baseball field for “chop-chop burpees” Chop-chop is where you run in place then hit the ground on Q’s “down” call and do a burpee. Do 5X then run up the hill and back around. Repeat 4X.

Back to the track:

50 merkins , lap

60 SSH. Decided not to do the lap but come back to the COT. Except we decided to do the lap! Then mosey back.

On the way back we saw Clavin leaving out for work and we had no pain labbers present. so we made up the story about Clavin and the pain labbers. As only we could do. But we weren’t done!

Rugby sprint v2.0

Skip between islands, run back, walk back.

1st round: LBCs X 20, AHs X 20, Heels to Heaven X 20

Rinse and repeat above, hold plank for 2 minutes. Keep expanding on the Clavin story. Where minds can go! Ha Ha Ha!

Done and pledge as pain labbers return, squelching our story line via Clavin. It was fun while it lasted!


Great work by a skelton crew today. Congrats to grads and parents. Been an interesting year to say the least. Now everyone is on to better things – we hope and pray. Not a 2nd F today, we need to work on that here. it’s usually pretty good. But again a holiday Saturday contributed. But let’s put the effort in here guys! YHC went over ot Fighting Yank’s 2nd F. 24 pax and at least half attended coffeteria/breakfast. We can do that here.

Enjoyed leading. Great group!




Don’t forget leg day!

I am working on changing things up real soon here because I’m too predictable. I enjoy focusing on my core and low back, so that’s why this style workout works for me. Let’s start with some warm ups:

Don Quixote’s, Moroccan Night Club, Windmill, Simple March, Overhead Reach

Set 1:  (50sec work/10 sec rest)

Side Lunges, Slow-n-low squats, step-ups, Donkey Kicks, Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, Assisted Pistol Squats, (Rinse & Repeat 1x)


American Hammers, Seated Alternating Toe Stretch, Six Inch Hold, Hips Ups, Quadruped, LBC’s, Reverse Crunches, (Rinse & Repeat 1x)

Set 3:

Merkins, Bulgarian Split Squats, Heels To Heaven, Kettlebell Sit-ups, Seated Figure 8, Superman Pullups (Rinse & Repeat 1x)

Mary for 5 minutes

Looking for Q’s for PainLab for the month of June, but no-one reads these anyway, lol.

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