• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 04/01/2021
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Oompa Loompa (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Hacksaw (R), Stogie, Big Pappy, Bedpan, Wichita, Ball Joint, Sarlacc, Beetle Bailey, Slaw, Tater Hole, Wirenut

Started off with the usual OOMPA in cadence set of warm up exercises on April Fools Day.

Grab the football and mosey to the bottom parking lot where YHC had previously placed cones and signs.

PAX played a horrible mish-mash of ultimate frisbee football, touchdown beatdown,  Canadian Football League 3 downs only to pass the line of gain to keep possession,  at 0540, in the dark, with a black football, both teams wearing the same black shirts, on Folsom quality pavement with the best group of HIMS you could find.

Appointed Hacksaw and Sarlacc as captains and let them pick sides. TEAM Sarlacc YHC, Beetle Bailey, Slaw, Tater Hole and Wirenut. TEAM Hacksaw, Stogie, Big Pappy, Bedpan, Wichita, Ball Joint.

Then Sarlacc told the old guy that his team could have the ball first.  Thought a WOOO was going to come out!

YHC gave bad instructions on rules and how to play the game, and it was discovered that YHC laid out the playing field as crooked as Tammany Hall. Accusations of cheating against the two guys wearing Dallas Cowboys gear that just happened to be on the same team.

Rules were ignored, changed and just flat out broken. Names were called, trash was talked, multiple sets of ten repetitions were performed up and down the field by both teams. Highlights were great throws, amazing catches, awful drops, “not in my house” defense, smiles, laughs and 70 burpees too.

All that matters is that TEAM Sarlacc won and TEAM Hacksaw went down to a bitter defeat on the last play of the game when Sarlecc channeled his inner Jason Witten and caught the game winning pass.

No injuries to report. Nothing hurt other than Hacksaw’s itty-bitty feelings.

Pick up the football, signs and cones, then fellowship mosey back to Flag.


Prayer Requests: Stogie’s dad, Sister Act’s family, Big Pappy’s family, Medicine Woman, Huckleberry, Ballard family, Tater Hole selling his house, Oompa’s M starting a new job today, Sarlacc’s leg, Hacksaw’s leg, our country. If I forgot something please let me know.