• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/06/2021
  • AO: PainLab
  • QIC: Bandit
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Herme (R), Lazy Bones (R), Clavin(R), El Toro, Tube

It all started in February (the 27th to be precise) when Tube asked for volunteers for the following week’s Q.   I simply said “I’ll Q.”  This has been nagging at me for quite some time – the fact that it has probably been 2 years since my last Q (weasel shaker can fact check this).   Realizing this and doing something about it are 2 different things.  It was easy to make excuses like “I’m not really in the best shape” or “I’ve got this problem with my back, knee, foot, weenus, whatever…. “.   While both of those points may be true… the truth is that Qing workouts is about taking responsibility and taking action.  Wasn’t really sure how this out-of-shape 51-year-old was going to make this work… but I realized what was more important was taking the responsibility to come up with a plan. So….

Pain Lab participants completely dominated Gashouse participants this week by more than 300%!  To be fair, most of the Gashouse regulars were doing the Strides of March or fart sacking.  There was a slight chill (according to weather channel it was between 28 and 58 degrees).  Guessing closer to the 28.  Seems like a long time ago now.

After quick warm up with Linus… some additional work with SSHs, Don Quixotes, Arm Circles (forward/backward), Moroccan Night Clubs

For the main course, here is what went down… 12 exercises, 30 seconds each, 10 second rest between exercise….

  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Lunge & Rotations
  • Merkins
  • LBC
  • High Knees
  • Squat (sub Monkey Humpers)
  • Merkin & Rotations
  • Plank
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Reverse Lunge & Knee Lift
  • Triceps Dip
  • Side Plank

Rinse & repeat 5x.

We threw in a quick round of Mary so everyone could call their own exercise.


I’m grateful to my F3 brothers (those who have been around for many years) for having my back even (and gentle reminders to get off my six) when it seems I have dropped off the face of Earth for quite some time.  And for those who have come on recently….  Lazy Bones –  appreciate the fact that while sleeping in on cold Saturday morning is appealing, you continue to post and hold me accountable to do the same.   Tube… thanks for sharing the F3 mission from Freed to Lead with the PAX Saturday…. El Toro… I’ll bring you my copy to borrow.  Herme… still loving my yoga mat! Clavin… you do the best Monkey Humper… really.

Bandit… Out!