• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/05/2021
  • AO: Tequila Sunrise
  • QIC: BOS
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: CPAP (R), Flintstone, Dirt (R), Clampett, Geezer, Bubba Sparks, Nutria, OrangeMan (R). Breaker Breaker (R), Tiger, Tesla (R)

It was a beautiful start to the day in Belmont as 12 HIM assembled at Belmont Central to experience this mornings Tequila Sunrise.

Warm up:

20 Side Straddle Hop – IC

20 Gravel Pickers – IC

20 Imperial Walkers – IC

10 Merkins – IC

10 Plank Jacks – IC

10 Merkins – IC

10 Mountain Climbers – IC

Right Foot to Right Hand…Right Hand Up for 10 Nolan Ryans – IC

Left Foot to Left Hand…Left Hand Up for 10 Nolan Ryans – IC

Recover & Mosey to the bottom of the “half pipe” at the park.

Split the group 6 vs 6 for three rounds of 10 each Squats / Merkins / Flutters.

Squats on top of one hill Merkins at the base and Flutters on top of the other hill.

Makes 30 each at top and 60 Merkins at bottom.

Round two change to Monkey Humpers and LBCs at top, Keep the Merkins in the middle.

There is 60 more Merkins.  Audible to skip round three and begin our mosey back to BC.

Mosey made a planned stop at the tennis courts for some Bear Crab Merkin Crawls.

Movement from sideline across four courts.

Bear Crawl #1  + 10 Merkins between courts 1&2

Crab Walk #2 + 10 Merkins between courts 2&3

Bear Crawl #3 + 10 Merkins between courts 3&4

Crab or Bear #4 +10 Merkins past court 4

Lunge Walk back across all four courts and mosey back to BC.

As I grabbed my phone from my car the Pax broke out into a long jump challenge sparked by a JUMP line painted on the ground.  From what YHC saw it looked like Clampett went home the leader for now with Nutria hot on his heels.  To be continued…  Circle up for a quick Mary.  Tesla called out Pretzel Crunches and Tiger shared some 15 & 45 degree leg lifts however the name is one YHC can’t remember.

That was 200 Merkins in case you lost count.

Announcements:  Strides of March 3/6.  Go even if you aren’t signed up.  Run with someone near your pace.  Mortimer & P200/ P70 races 3/20.  PT Test moving to April.  More to come – Stay Tuned!

Prayer Requests: Big Pappy’s family – Son’s surgery.  Breaker’s Family – Step Dad injured knee.  James Goudelock & Family – Cancer treatment.  Joey Denton – Car Accident.