• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/23/2021
  • AO: Midoriyama
  • QIC: Oompa Loompa (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Mayor, Freight, Purple Haze (R), Cougar, Dr Seuss (R), Blart, Wojo, Wet Nutz, Tater Hole, Slaw, Pockets, Vanilla Ice, Def Leppard (R), Buckeye, Boudin, Broke

Mystery Q. Only ? listed on the schedule. Wojo said that he didn’t know who asked to Q. Who is not a regular at the premium afternoon AO in all of the F3 universe? I see Boudin. Nope. Buckeye? Nope. Wet Nutz? Nope. Aw crap, it’s Oompa.

And he’s handing out flyers and telling 5 pax to run and place them in strategic places in the park. It’s not even 530pm yet. But. But.

Shut up and run there, drop the flyer in the appropriate place and run your whining arse back to join the warmup circle.

While the volunteers do their duty, circle up. All experienced PAX, no disclaimer other than I am an idiot, so you are too.

10 SSH in cadence.

20 Abe Vigoda in cadence.

30 flutters in cadence.

40 Moroccan Night Clubs in cadence.

Everybody’s back let’s mosey.

Hey, I skipped 50 LBCs in cadence. You won’t mind.

Run to the first light pole at the parking lot by the ball field on the right.

As usual no one is listening to the Q.

Way too much mumble chatter.  It’s totally fine if you want to do more exercise. And in the wrong order. Batflipper. Whatever.

5 eight count body builders.

Run to first light pole. Do ten of the exercise called out as the “OUT” exercise.  It’s not hard. Unless you don’t listen.

Run back to start point. 5 more 8 count body builders.

Run to second pole. Do ten of the exercise called out as the “OUT” exercise. Run back to start. Do we stop here? NO. Did the Q say stop at the first pole? NO. Do we do the “BACK” exercise now? NO. Just listen to the Q. Yeesh. What a cluster. Do more 8 count body builders.

Run to third pole. Exercise. Ten reps. Run back to start. About dang time everyone finally gets their crap together and understands the Q’s intent.

Run to fourth pole. Rinse and Repeat. Perfection.

Run to fifth pole. Rinse and Repeat. I love it when a plan comes together.

Run to fifth pole. Do the “BACK” exercise listed. Run back to start. 8 count body builders.

By now even the reader (meaning you) knows how this ends.

Finally all done. Shoulder taps, Freddy Mercurys, hip slappers, squats, dips, seal Jack’s, dying cockroaches, mountain climbers and little baby flutter crunches. Took forever.

Mosey to parking lot across the road for DORA. Pair up.

100 Def Leppard Pushups or Carolina Dry Docks.

Pax 1 performs exercise Pax 2 mosey halfway down the parking lot and back.

200 American Hammers. Count right side only.

300 Monkey Humpers.

Mosey back to flag.

Prayer requests.

Broke’s mom, Vanilla Ice’s parents, Def Leppard, Cougar, Sister Act, others.

Announcements if you don’t already know, read the old backblasts or get on slack.

Freight took us out.

If you didn’t get your money’s worth the First F is unavailable to withdraw funds for you.