• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/11/2021
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Round Up
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stogie, LB, Hacksaw(r), Wichita, Sister Act, Slaw, Ball Joint

I show up at Folsom and we got 6 other HIMS there ready to move the rock. I had a workout wrote down that I was trying out for the first time and it went like this::

Warm Up

Gravel Pickers 10 IC 1 burpee

Hillbillies IC 10 2 burpees

Imperial walkers 10IC 3 burpees

25 Merkins 4 burpees

20 Peter Parker’s 5 burpees

20 Parker peters 6 burpees

50 mountain climbers 7 burpees

25 plank jacks 8 burpees

20 shoulder taps 9 burpees

20 CDD 10 burpees


15 wide arm merkins 1 burpee

15 diamond merkin 2 burpees

25 squats 3 burpees

20 little Gumby in the woods 4 burpees

25 LBC 5 burpees

20 Freddy mercury 6 burpees

15 big boys 7 burpees

15 lunges 8 burpees

20 SSH 9 burpees

20 plank jacks 10 burpees


At the shelter we partnered for Dora!
100 Dips 200 American hammer 300 LBC

P1 workout while P2 runs over to the bathroom to grab 5 hip slappers!


50 dips  with 10 burpees

2 rounds of

10 incline merkins, 10 step ups, 10 American hammers, 10 Squats, 10 LBC  and in between each round we got 10 burpees!!

We were at 140 at this point so we felt the need to get 10 more at the shelter.

Mosey to the finish. On the way we stop at the speed bump and slaw wanted to do 5 more BURPEES

We get to the end and SA wanted to 10 more burpees so we did.

Man it was fun out there today!


extinction run this Saturday at 9:00 in Belmont

CSAUP March 6 sign up!

prayer request

Big Pappy family

SA family

Westside family

Injured PAX

Our youth in the community


I talked a little about not getting focused on our schedule or things that our life says is ahead of us. Focus on Jesus and TODAY. Tomorrow will work itself out and God will lead you in it as well.  Let’s stay focused on becoming a bond servant of Christ.

thank you men for letting me lead as always it is an honor!!

Round Up