• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/11/2021
  • AO: The Goat
  • QIC: Tesla
  • FNG's: Liono
  • PAX: Tesla, Doodles, Watt's Up, BOS, Pilgrims Progress, Nutria, Cpap, Clampett, Wet Nutts, Bubba Sparks, Liono,

YHC blew into Cramerton this morning completely unprepared to Q The Goat today. Thought it was the 18th i was on deck. Nope! So OK, time ot make it happen! Went down like this:


SS-B X 5

IW X 20

Cotton Pickers X 20

Foot to hand stretches

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Mosey across the road to the bridge, Bear crawl across the bridge.

Wind up in the lot at the end of the park.

Partner up for BLIMPS,

P1 – Run to the end of the parking lot and back.

P2 – Do the called work.

We do this together so at the end of a round plank for the six.

B- Burpees

L- Lunges

I- Imperial Walkers

M- Merkins

P – Plank Jacks

S – Squats

Mosey back to the park and the shelter for some table work.

1st Round

10 step ups each leg

10 dips

10 inverted big boys

10 dirkins

Lap around the park back to the shelter.

Rinse and repeat above X 15

lap again.

Mosey back across the South Fork.

Triple Nickel time:

Bottom of the hill: HR merkins

Top of the hill: SSH

Repeat 5X

Pledge and COT


Got surprised but not blindsided this morning. No biggie. YHC has done this long enough to figure something out on the fly. That is what experience does for you and is why YOU need to step up and lead! I try to keep it down to 4 a month because we can’t build leaders without letting them get their hands dirty and maybe even fail. No one goes through life undefeated. Unless you don’t ever step up and get your ass in the game. And even with the best preparation you need to get that it can go awry real fast. There remains no doubt in my mind that when Neil and Buzz got that 1201 alarm at 35,000 feet coming down to the lunar surface on 7/20/69 their training and experience as combat fighter pilots is why they go the job done. Which means they spent all of their adult lives putting themselves out there and being at risk. No more so than they did that day and became the first humans to set foot on another world.

Now, that’s extreme stuff there but you need to get the point. Which is step up, expect for things to go bad and recover.  And related to that is when it does go downhill there is always one more thing you can do to get to a position of advantage. And after that another and after that another. Three strikes and you are not out in the real world. So push the rock and get in the arena.  We need you to do that.

Welcome FNG Liono. A fellow North Meck Redneck! he doesn’t know it but there is a song written about us. I’ll sing it someday. Show to know!