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  • When: 03/06/2021
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  • QIC: Short Sale
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If you think the upcoming Extinction Run (still opportunity to register and participate this Saturday – see BOS’ pre-blast) is Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless, well do I have yet another opportunity for YOU! This may be “stupider” (insert Forest Gump gif “Mama always said stupid is as stupid does”). Yeah the next opportunity for you to dip your big toe into the pond of dumb is Saturday, March 6th at 0630. So allow me to share with you the concept behind this inaugural event.

Some of you have participated in the 50 mile Relay where 4-man teams traveled in a 50 mile loop through all of our AO’s. That was pretty stupid, but well worth it. Well the Czar of Covid, at least the NC Chapter, has continued his decree of limited gatherings and other non-sense so I may have figured out a way to hold a similar relay fashioned event in smaller gatherings and avoid riding in each other’s vehicles. I give you the Double Relay: aka The Strides of March. I’m sure you’re quite intrigued, this double relay – how can it work? I’d say simple but I Q’ed the Convergence and herding you cats from the warm-up to the flag pole was tough. But here it goes:

A team of 8 will have 2 runners spread at 4 exchange zones (EZ): Runner A and Runner B. At 0630, All 4 “A” Runners will leave their EZ for an 3 mile run to the next destination. At the point in time the “A” Runner arrives, they tag in the “B” Runner to begin their 3 mile run. The “A’s” rest for the time until their “B” teammate arrives and tags them back in. Are you with me? Instead of driving and leapfrogging EZ’s as we do in most relays, you run all 4 legs and if you’re thinking this through – yes, you’re correct, you’ll run 12 miles in total, 4 5k’s – that is more than most will do in a lifetime. But think, you get a 20-30-ish minutes of recovery before your next run.

Some of you I know are sprinting to the front of the registration line. Others are doing math and beginning to doubt your ability. Recall – you’ve done Stupid things before – this would be the next on your bucket list. But ask yourself this: do you think Hacksaw wasn’t a bit scared to run 50 miles in 24 hours? Round Up, if he was the slightest bit scared, it never showed. But those two accomplished something they had never done. You can too. So I’ll offer this option – you can ruck or walk half of it (or all of it) if you’re not “a runner.” The sign up contains both options. You put your name on the list and we’ll get the logistics sorted out.

Key things to remember: Saturday, March 6th at 0630 – The Strides of March Double Relay – 8 man teams; Run 12 miles or Ruck/Walk 6 miles. Exchange Zone 1 is Lineberger Park; EZ 2 Snoballs; EZ 3 The Pub; EZ 4 Parkwood Baptist; Contact Short Sale if you have any questions (704-516-2193).