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14 Him’s showed for PainLab. Only 13 returned with dignity.

  • Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/06/2021
  • AO: PainLab
  • QIC: Tube
  • FNG's: Scrappy, Lazy Bones (FKA Spud)
  • PAX: Clavin, Sledge, Rudolph, Les Nesman, Double Stuf, Voodoo, Bandit, Hunchback, Dirty White Boy, El Toro, Time Frame,

We began our PL all warmed up from Pockets 10 minute warmup, lol. It’s all good, some of us need it more than others. 

Met up around the Indian Eagle for some 50/10 sets. 50 seconds on /10 seconds rest

American Hammers, Reverse Merkins, Heels to Heaven, Reverse Crunches, Flutter Kicks, Baby Makers, Box Cutters, Burpees, CDD’s, lets mosey to the nature trail.

Crossed the bridge and set for the hill to bear crawl up to the top. Rudolph could hardly contain himself, he was so excited to get down on his hands and knees. We crawled to the top and regrouped at the benches. Its time to burn out the triceps with some dips. More bear crawls around the corner up and around the bathrooms. Next up, some Don Quijote’s and uh oh, Q pulls a muscle in his back. Yes, my DA must have had the wrong form 😒. From there I don’t remember. I’m still trippin that I hurt myself. I think we did some slow n low squats and mountain climbers. 

Next, we make our way backwards off the trail, up hill, in the snow, both ways. 

Returning to the circle to complete the mission. Q needed to take a break from the pain in my back so Voodoo stepped in to do some yoga stretching. Then Rudolph assisted with a few sets until I was able to take over and finish our circuit. Great showing by all men today. Everyone committed to return if El Toro will Q next Saturday.

Disclaimer: we will need to rename both FNG’s because we already have those names are taken 

OK, I’m a idiot. I repeat Clavin, I’m an idiot, lol.

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  1. Clavin

    ……aaaaannnndddd you forgot Clavin was there too!

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