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  • When: 01/27/2019
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  • PAX: Freight, Broke, Montross, Oompa Loompa (R), Cheese Head, Sister Act, HAcksaw, Allen Tate, Round Up, Medicine Woman, Ratchet, Def Leppard (R), Huckleberry, Dr. Seuss (R), Mayor, Blart, HIPAA (QIC)

YHC was excited to kick off HIPAAPALOOZA with the Folsom crew this AM. Earlier in the week, I had been approached by Montross to see if I would sponsor the Allen Tate Memorial Fun Run (MF’r). He stated it was to raise awareness for Kotterism, an issue that is apparently sweeping Folsom and other regions. Like the HIM I am I obliged his request and went to work. Race Bibs were made for the 12 HIM that “pre-registered”, Montross supplied the “Allen Tate MF’r” graphics & Montross’ M supplied the pins. Glad to see “The North Face” sponsored one of our runners: Sister Act. They supplied him with their new “Shimmer & Shine” line of clothing.

The Thang

Some ran, some rucked and some walked all for a great casue! A lot of PR’s were set. The clear winner of the race was our own Allen Tate. He actually won before we started, because showing up counts as a win in my heart.


Announcements – CSAUP & Rooster

Prayer Requests

YHC took us out

Q Source & Coffeeteria in Starbucks

Thank you to everyone that showed up. Kotterism aint no joke guys, but the way you all can entice a PAX to come back out and post is truly amazing. Keep up the good work Folsom! Cheese Head, great to see you out here! I know the knee has been acting up but you listened to your body and let is rest a little. Keep pushing the Rock!!