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  • When: 01/29/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Swimmer
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Chum, Termite, Blart

Warm up with side straddle hops 20 ic

Don Qs x10

5 burpees 

Blart came in a little late and we did maraca night clubs till he joined 

Run to lower shed with 5 burpees at every other light pole.

Go to shed

10 burpees 

20 monkey humpers

30 mercans 

40 flutter kicks

50 Mountian climbers

40 squats 

30 side straddle hops

20 dips

10 American hammers

Mosey back to baseball field with 5 more burpees on the way


Squat jumps, calf raise x 10 on the steps, and  squats at the top till the pax was complete.  

Mosey to upper poop house

Hip slappers 10ic   

Ring of fire 5 jump squats while pax wall sets.   Then 10 more hip slappers to give termite a chance to see them again.  

Repeat ring of fire with 10 side straddle hops

Mosey back to flag for a min of rocky balboas.  Then I called on pax for a exercise and Blart called mike Tyson x15.   Chum called Lbc x 25 then just enough time to finish with Iron hulks.  

Prayer for pizza man’s wife, each other, and the country.