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  • When: 01/29/2019
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8 men of impact showed to the Storm this am looking to push the rock and better themselves.  We were lucky enough to get one last post in before the yucky weather arrives.

During the disclaimer this am it was discussed the difference in feeling the burn and getting stronger and feeling pain and hurting yourself.  We also discussed finding the line between the two and how close we can get but not crossing it.


SSH x 20

Mountain climbers x 20

Slow merkins x 5


Mosey long way to circle.:

Ring of fire…

Heels to heaven until everyone one by one high knees around circle.

Mosey to front of school where 5 circular rocks await the pushing they will surely receive…..

Pair up.

3 sets amrap.

P1 runs roughly 150′ and back while P2 does called exercise.  Switch x 3.


Step ups…at this point it was asked by YHC how everyone is feeling?  Anchorman replied the we have found the line previously discussed.  This was good news.

Yoga break..down dog, cobra, plank, lower back stretches.


Incline merkins…literally pushing the rock.

Yoga break.  Same as above.


American hammers x 20

V ups x 20

Merkins x 20

Rinse and repeat x 15

Meander to wall for calf raises x 20 feet together and x 20 spread apart.

Most back and time!


HIMs for Rice and Beans meet tonight at the Point Church in Belmont across 74 from Walmart at 6:15pm.

Please is you have and questions about the Mt Mitchell hike see Gastone.  This sounds quite cool.

Prayers for us, families, health, and community.

Big fat Q fail.  I forgot to do the namarama.  Oops.

It was my honor and privilege to lead such a great group of HIMs this am.  You guys make me better and I am grateful.