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  • When: 01/26/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Freight
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  • PAX: Pearl Jam(2.0), Big Pappy, Ratchet, Huckleberry, Gomer, Montross(Chief), Sparky, Def Leppard(R), Golddigger, Dr Seuss(R), Sister Act, Broke, Slaw, Mozart, Volt, Roundup, Medicine Woman, Cheesepuff(2.0), Madden(2.0), Rockabilly, Nothin(2.0), Tater hole, Freight(QIC)

23 real rock pushers showed up this morning at Folsom. Was there 1 chief like rock pusher missing………….no It looks like Montross was there.It was chilly out this morning so thankfully Def Leppard redeemed himself and chose option 2 this morning. Option 2 was start running instead of the warmup exercises.


We ran up to the fork in the road and ran around the triangle like area of grass while we waited on the six. Once they arrived and we were getting warmer we moved on to option one.

SSH x 20ic

Slow Don Q’s x 10ic

Bear Crawl around the triangle, when I say stop do 20 squats. We did this a few times. Time to get to it.

The Thang:

Next to this small triangle at the fork is a much larger triangle where the old haunted house used to be. Yeah I’m old. Anyway there was some discussion about the actual shape of this triangle. Look for yourself geometry major its a triangle with rounded corners geeez! Anyway its a decent size so run around and at each corner do 20 merkins. If you cross a speed hump do 10 squat jumps. There was an extra speed hump since the google image came from before Google image existed. We did 2 rounds. Next round we did Flutters x 20 ic in the corners and mtn climbers x 10ic at the humps. Mosey back down past the parking lot entrance. Wait stop! We don’t have a shovel flag so we better do the pledge up here where we can still see the flag at the AG center. Site Q fail!

Time for some hill work. Sprint up to the animal control entrance and do 10 merkins, 10 lbc’s, 10 squats, mosey back down. We ran this 3 times I think. Def Leppard really put it out on these! My man can be quick! Golddigger showed off and talked some trash as he passed us(punk kid).

Alright time for some lifting. Partner up and get a block. This was a rinse and repeat from Thursday. P1 does 10 blockees and carries the block to P2 on the other side of the parking lot. Mean while P2 is doing merkins, lbc’s and squats while he waits. We just keep doing this swapping back and forth for 10-15 minutes. Time!


Announcements-50 mile CSAUP, Q source Sunday 7:30, Beans and Rice Tuesday


Prayer Request

Moleskin-Several times during this workout I called out for Allen Tate but he never answered back. I knew he wasn’t there but it was dark and there was a large group so I guess i was just hoping he slipped in sometime since he Hard Committed to me(and all of Twitter)that he would be there. I give him a hard time, and well a lot of you, only because I care. I guess I try to motivate by annoying you. It is constructive sarcasm at it’s best. Always given out of love.