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  • When: 03/27/2021
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Yes you read that right! In the little ol’town of Dallas, F3 is looking to add another AO. Not just another AO but a Saturday AO! Why you ask? Well here’s the thing. We have a mission and that is to reinvigorate male community leadership by planting and growing small men’s workout groups. Well Folsom has been planted and has been grown. It’s grown so much so that by definition it is becoming problematic. How is it problematic? Is it the fact that I had to park out on the road two Saturday’s ago because the parking lot was full? No, but that is a sign. The ideal workout group ranges around 10-12 guy’s. When you start reaching and maintaining numbers around 18 then it is considered problematic and the star fish method needs to be applied. We apply this method with the hope that both groups eventually have to be split again and then again and again. Why do we say it’s problematic? There are a lot of ways it can be but let’s focus on one. It’s hard to connect with people when the group gets to big. When you have a group the size of the last few weeks 32 and 28, a man can show up, disappear in the crowd, and walk away without anyone ever really noticing him. We don’t want anyone walking away without being impacted in some way every single time they come out if at all possible. So that is just one of the why’s if not the most important. Now I know people don’t like change and some people like having the big crowds. To you I say don’t be selfish and EH more people and you’ll have your big group back in no time. Stay mission focused!

OK so on to the how. We will start on a trial bases much like we did with Tequila Sunrise in Belmont. The first Saturday will be March 27th at 7:00am at Cloninger Park on W Church st. It is across the street from the old Dallas High School for you boomers, or the old elementary school for you Gen X guy’s and right next door to the Police station(so be cool if you know what I mean). It is the park used by many during the IPC . The time will be staggered from Folsom by 30 minutes just as a different option for Saturday and it will help out our friends at the Country Kitchen so they don’t have 25 guys walk in and sit down all at once. Any questions or comments feel free to ask. You know I like to talk.


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