• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/21/2021
  • AO: Coconut Horse
  • QIC: Roscoe
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Whoopee, Sargento, JJ, Pilgrim's Progress, Bos, DDC, Flintstone, Virus, Fountainhead, Tube, Short Sale,

Today was the last day of the book “The Four Agreeemnts”.   We discussed Freedom the Toltec’s Way of Life…..Master Awareness, The Mastery of Transformation, and the Mastery of Intent.  Intent is life itself.  Unconditional Love.  A Mastery of Intent=Mastery of Love.

Imagine if you lived:  giving yourself permission to be happy

-Without fear of expressing your dreams

-Without fear of being judged by others

-Without judging

-Without fear of loving or being loved

-Without fear of taking risks

-That you love yourself the way you are.

The Warrior has control over emotions and is not concerned with being judged.  They fight their negative emotions that hold them back.  The more you can do this, the more you will be free.

I will go ahead and call out Sargento for being a warrior.  He took lots of grief for his colorful running outfit today but there is respect because A. he was conspicious to traffic and B. he obviously doesn’t concern himself about what other people think.  We could all benefit form being a little more like Sargento.  #HIM


As for the workout, I really don’t know what happened.  Being on IR I do know there were ruckers and runners out there.  DDC was even back to the COT.  We usually just pass him somewhere along the way!  Props to JJ and Whoopee for completing the D2D relay yesterday and posting again today.  Strong work!

Good work men.  Next week Stroganoff will be covering the book “Freed to Lead” by Dredd and OBT.  If you have been in F3 for more than a month, get this book and read it and it will all make sense.

Keep being cheesy!