• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/17/2021
  • AO: The Labyrinth
  • QIC: Clavin ( R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: JJ, Gastone, Dry Rub ( R), Folgers (R), Stinky Bird


prior to start time was asked by Stinky Bird if we would be warming up quickly with some cardio or something ….. my response ….”surrrrrreeee!”

Namaste as I bow to welcome the coming morning

inhale deeply as you reach up and back , control your breathing and inhale again, exhale…

inhale deeply as you move upper body and arms to the right, inhale, exhale now to the left inhale, exhale

inhale as you drop down to child’s pose and inhale and exhale 

next to plank and hold inhale exhale downward facing dog inhale exhale cobra inhale exhale back to plank inhale exhale back to downward facing dog inhale exhale 

inhale as you recover

inhale and move into warrior 2 inhale exhale

limbering up with stretches and/ or yoga can help ready us esp as we age and contend with colder temps

now that we are “warmed “ up…..

Tabata Time


timer set for one minute exercises and 10 second recovery 


2 squats

3 burpees

4 Imp Walkers 

5 diamond merkins

6 flutters

7 plank jacks

8 mountain climbers

9 jump lunges 

10 dyin cockroaches ( many asked since we are doing proper technique … what constitutes that in this)

11 big boys 

12 hand release merkins

13 butt kickers

14 lbcs

15 ski abs

16 Freddy Mercuries

17 merkins

18 outlaws

19 monkey humpers 

20 American hammers

21 SSH

22 box cutters

23 squats

24 burpees

25 Imp Walkers

26 wide arm merkins

27 flutters 

28 plank

29 lunges ( alt) 

30 mtn climbers

31 lbcs 

32 big boys

33 hand release merkins 

train was going by but I refused to allow Gastone to call it ( we did plenty earlier!)

stretches on back pulling 

Many times this morning someone had to stop and either direct traffic in the parking lot … I mean there were only 2 open slots!!! Parking attendants were needed and safety cones …. who would have thought we need to wear safety vests here !! Plant of parking a few feet away in the back !!! Sheesh !


dam 2 dam relay this weekend ( pray for good weather and runners safety)

strides of March signups in previous back blast 

prayers fro Folgers daughter depression 

Clavin praise for son ( witnessed on email messaging ) for helping a friend offering amazing advice for her to not give in ( suicidal thoughts) , seek to surround herself with better friends and removed the ex and other “poisons” from her life 

Gastones sister-in-law ….esp her daughter 

Dr  Fisher

Turtleman back troubles ( doctors seeking answers )

lastly this was the third and final installment of perfecting our form …. this doesn’t mean I’m abandoning this venture …. au contrare  mon frere … this was merely a short program to centralize and work from to advance us in striving to be a better you!


next week Short Sale followed by a VQ from Folgers!!