• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/05/2021
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: EZ Rider
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Watts up (R), JJ, Slaw, Spiderman, Folgers (R), & EZ Rider

Six brave men showed to know this morning at the DOWNTOWN !

The last Tuesday of January I ended up at Midoriyama for a Freight beat down.

We ran suicide drills  for over 2/3’s of a very large parking lot (every line)  I heard we almost made it but ran out of time – no one wanted to take Freight up on staying for extra credit to complete.

Fast forward  to the following week on a rainy Friday morning to complete.

First the warm up – 10 SSH in cadence and 10 merkins in cadence

Mosey down South St to the parking deck.

LEVEL 1 – suicide drill (every line from  end to end)

10 count and mosey to level 2

LEVEL 2- route 66 merkins

10 count and mosey to level 3

LEVEL 3- repeat suicide drill

10 count and mosey to level 4

LEVEL 4 – repeat route 66 with mtn climbers – brawl crawl between lines

10 count and mosey to level 5

LEVEL 5 – repeat suicide drill

10 count and mosey to level 6

LEVEL 6 – repeat route 66 with squats

Complete but wait we have around 10 mins left

Mosey to the first level and since we have time we ran back up the stairs to the top and ran back down to the bottom again with 6 mins to spare.

With that amount of time we took the long way (main st down to N 321 route) back to the start for about 2 mins of LBC’s in cadence called by Slaw.

Note: We only got in 2.7 miles compared to Freights  3.32

Announcements: P200, Rooster, & Extinction run

Prayer request: Pax on IR and many others


Pledge – Thank you JJ for reminding me.

Enjoyed it this morning and a honor to lead

EZ out!!