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Day: January 2, 2021

Nature’s Bounty and another mutiny

The first Saturday of the new year was a little damp but not cold, so that was good. Plenty of HIMs were in attendance looking to put in work. YHC did plenty of planning to make sure they were pleased with the Q.  Since the Schiele Museum is the location of the AO and there are areas we haven’t explored as I recall, I did  some recon ahead of time and was inspired by a walk on the nature trail. This is what happened…

With the predetermined theme,  all exercises and routines would be related to animals or nature. It’s interesting when looking at the the exicon just how many exercises and such are named after said theme.

Warm Up

Copperhead Lunges x10 IC, Copperhead Drydocks x11 IC, Copperhead Squats x9 IC, Zebra Buttkicks x10 IC each leg

Pledge of Allegiance

Bootcampers split off from the Painlabbers and moseyed to the Nature Trail. When we came to the set of benches not far into the trail, YHC called for Racoon Crawls on the banches and chaos ensued. Start over, this time single file winding down to the bottom. One and a half rounds of this on the super slippery boards and YHC called for a stop before somebody busted out their teeth.

Mosey down to the bottom of the hill and line up, single file for the Duck & Weave. PAX would duck walk while the last person in line weaves his way to the front by running. We did this for a while until we got tired of it.

Mosey further down the trail to an open area for Global Warming. The PAX would hold Al Gore pose for a while until YHC called for 10 Flying Squirrels. Back to Al Gore until 20 Monkey Humpers. Al Gore again and then 10 more Flying Squirrels. Recover!

Mosey to the cabin in the woods where we would do a Country Dora 1-2-3 routine. Partner up for 100 Scorpion Dry Docks, 200 Gorilla Humpers and 300 Monkey Crunches. Partner 1 did exercises while partner 2 would either bear crawl, crab walk or copperhead lunge down to and around the trees and then switch. This sucked more than I wanted.

Head toward the pond with a detour to the picnic shelter. At the tables, YHC called 10 Copperhead Dips and 10 Copperhead Derkins. Then do 15 of each.  And then 20. Yes, this came from the president of MHC. Don’t ask why…

Mosey down to the pond and circle up, spreading out for a round of Howling Monkeys. All PAX would hold the monkey humper pose while, one at a time, they would do 10 Monkey Humpers each going clockwise. We made it a full round and started into a second round but with 14 PAX present this was lot of pain so we stopped.

Recover and head toward the exit. We stopped to line up again, this time for the Inch Worm. It was about this time that Roscoe synced his phone to my speaker to play his loud metal crap. It’s a good thing Short Sale wasn’t there because he’d have an aneurism. Roscoe is under the impression that his drivel is better than the artfully crafted playlist that YHC put together. Whatever… another mutiny. Do the inch worm for a while until it’s too much to take.

Fellowship mosey to the bottom of the hill for Elevens. Flying squirrels at one end, Monkey Humpers at the other side of the loop. We got in 7 rounds but time was short so we stopped.

Last thing is a session of Everest. Pax would do copperhead lunges with a copperhead squat up the hill! We made it most of the way up but time was running out so we moseyed to the parking lot where we did more monkey humpers! Time!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead men! Make this year your and our best!!! AYE!!!

Announcements: Convergence at Folsom next week 7am start

Prayer Requests: Anchorman as he launches the Oakland, CA region. Talk about a HIM!!! Several PAX with Covid and recovering from injuries.

Until next time, keep it cheesy!



‘‘Twas the morning before the morning before Christmas BB

‘Twas the morn before Christmas and in the gas house three creatures were stirring early at the house. On Hermie on Nessman go walking with sledge down Union Road to the waffle house edge, do all the talking turn around and walk back then get to your computer and post it on slack. Watts Up’s harassment more than a week post, keeps Nessman haunted like Christmas past ghost. As they walked down the road and the work out did end it was circle of trust and said prayers for their friends. For all of our families and Hermes “M” Flo’s post Covid emergence and get us prepared for January 9 convergence. As I got in my Honda and I drove out of sight I knew I’d be dressing as the fat man the very next night. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

10 for 10

1/1/21 we celebrated the 10th year of our men’s group.  I say our men’s group and not our workout group because it is so much more than that. It is a men’s group for all the things we need it to be. Fitness, leadership, friendship, support group, and anything you need it to be at the moment when you need it to be. That is why we celebrate because we had something missing in our lives and this has been able to fill it. I’m very thankful for the 21 men that chose to celebrate with me on this day by logging 10 miles in one form or another. Some ran 10, some rucked 10, and some ran and rucked. I’m also thankful for all of those that answered the call to serve by donating blankets and soap. These items are being donated to the Salvation Army to fill an immediate need they have. This kicks off my word for 2021-Serve. I’ve started a list of ways I plan to live out this word this year and one of those items is to collect and give at least once a month. All to often we donate during the holidays and then forget about it the rest of the year. My goal is to meet needs all during the year and of course I’ll be dragging you men into it with me. Great job everyone on the 10 miles and maybe next year we will do 11!

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