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Day: January 22, 2021

Oh crap!

So on Tuesday Breaker Breaker asked for a fill in Q for TRB due to worn outedness. Time Frame gladly answered the call. YHC has been posting or running a lot lately and contemplated not posting at his own AO but the Lord roused him from the fartsack to get going this morning. It’s a good thing too, Time Frame notified YHC that he couldn’t make the Q on account of some rot gut he’d come into. YHC saw the notice at 5:15 and had to act fast…no problemo! This is what happened.

10 was the number of HIM at TRB this day.  Time to get it on!


Warmup: Don Quixote, Goofballs

No mosey, stay put and break out the Deck of Death. It’s a Q’s best friend when you don’t have time to put together a weinke. We did one exercise per suit and it went like this.

Clubs – American Hammers

Diamonds – Merkins

Hearts – Side Straddle Hops

Spades – Squats

We got through them all and then started on another round but I can’t remember what those were.

Time! We had a good time and pushed some rock.

Prayer requests: Tic Toc and his family, Sweetheart’s mom Kay, Nutria’s friend, Shell Shock’s company

Jaunt to Martha’s

10 HIMs posted for lovely jaunt to Martha’s and back. Several got EC. No one got lost (Not even Seuss)  Hushpuppy graced us with his presence!  It was truly a great morning for a fellowship mosey.



Join Roundup and Hacksaw for 50 miles of running fun Saturday in Dallas – Starting at 5:30 – 2 miles each hour!

Extinction Run CSAUP – 2/13 – at Primal Brewery – Beat the clock – Drink one beer in 13 min then another in 12:45… No wait that’s not right….run a mile in 13min then 12:45 then 12:30 counting down by 15 seconds each mile until you cannot make the time !  Charity $10.00 towards Holy Angels.



For our country

Stroganoff’s co-worker who had a stroke


Friday Morning Buttermilk in Belmont

So YHC took the reins at Unnamed for the second go- round at the AO. A serving of buttermilk was in order! So we got with it like this:


SS – burpees – 5X (5 SSH, 1 burpee)

IWs X 20

Cotton Pickers  x 20

Grapevine stretches

Nolan Ryans  x 10 each side.

Take a lap, gather up in the parking lot next to the basketball goals.

Suicides, 1st goal FT line, 2nd goal FT line, end.

1st set: merkins X 5, each stop

2nd set: Big boy situps X 5

Take a lap

3rd set: CDDs X 5

4th set:

Take another lap, come back to the benches under the roof at the basketball goals

10 Bulgarian Split Squats X 10 each leg

10 dips

10 inverted big boys

10 dirkins

Suicides. Rinse and repeat.

Over to the soccer field for DORA 1-2-3

100 HR merkins

200 LBCs

300 squats

P1 run to the end of the field and relieve P2, flapjack the run.

Still time for a christening Bear Crawl!

Bear Crawl across the field – all the way. Embrace the suck! Run back! Mosey back to the main lot and do a pledge.



Great group this morning. We pushed it pretty hard and most def pretty consistently. Which is the measure YHC shoots for. Think the pax got a good reason to show. Looks like we have a site Q! Orangeman! So I guess we get a name next week? Plan is to work it out at Primal tonight. Show to know! Beer tastes pretty good as a buttermilk chaser.



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