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Day: January 15, 2021

Quicky at Midoriyama!

With short notice I reached back into the depths of the BB content and grabbed an old Wienke out. With a quick disclaimer we started our warmup.

SSH x 15

Imperial Walkers x 15

Don Quixote’s x 10

Shoulder Tap x 10

With that we very short moseyed to the adjacent parking lot for some Triple Nickels.

Triple Nickle one

Burp & Merk

one burpee with one Pushup on 1st trip

one Burpee with 2 Pushups on 2nd trip

one Burpee with 3 Pushups on 3rd trip

one Burpee with 4 Pushups on 4rth trip

one Burpee with 5 Pushups on 5th trip

Squat x 5 at the other end 

Triple Nickle 2

5 Squats

5 Monkey Humpers

Mosey to the playground for some Classic Pull ups at Midoriyama.

Triple Nickle

5 Pull ups

5 Merkins


Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot we did 50 reps of an exercise and then ran a lap around the lot.  Here is what we did.

Carolina Dry Docks x 50 plus a lap

LBC x 50 plus a lap

Scissor Kicks x 50 plus a lap

Hill Billy x 50 plus a lap

Merkin x 50 plus a lap

Seal Jacks x 50 with the lap finishing up at the flag for some mary.

Mary went like this

Pockets – 10 Monkey Humpers IC

Slaw – 5 Burpees OYO

Blart – 30 Scissor Kicks IC

Stroganoff wasn’t here but he gave us Planks last time so we repeated.  2 min of Plank

announcements and namerama


Thank you men for showing up and pushing me to be my best.


Turn Over A New Leaf

7 Pax started the workout with one showing up later. 1 needed to run so Oompa took off wearing a Pink Floyd T shirt and some colorfully striped leggings that would have made Purple Haze jealous. Pockets showed up straight from working wearing steel-toed boots and still put in the work. I told the Pax there would be real options in this workout unlike when Freight says choose option A or B and then he does what he was going to do anyway. They were dubious about the options.

Warmup: SSH x 10, Cotton Pickers x 10, Hillbillies x 10, CDD’s x 10. Pledge.

Grab a block and slow mosey to the bottom of the Field #4 parking lot. The size of these blocks may not have been as large as some blocks, but I weighed one and it weighed 24 lbs. which is pretty good. I’m sure Rudolph would insist on 32 lbs. but we made them work. I’m sure Seuss will be upset that he missed this one.

The Thang: In seven parking spaces there was a very fancy creatively designed paper leaf with a “Block Option” written on one side and an ab exercise (without the block) on the other. It was their choice to make. After each “Block Option” you would have to rifle carry your block one lap around the parking lot and return to the next parking spot to choose your options. If you chose the ab exercise option, you then needed to run (without the block) the lap around the parking lot. It appeared as if most were alternating the “Block Option” with the Ab exercise option. The fancy paper leaves were labeled something like this:
30 Block Curls or 30 Flutter Kicks
30 Block Chest Presses or 30 Squats
30 Block Overhead Presses or 30 LBC’s
30 Block Swings or 30 WWII’s
30 Block Alpo’s or 30 WWI’s
30 Block Curls or 30 Flutter Kicks
30 Block Chest Presses or 30 Squats.
The rifle carry after the “Block Option” was tough. Most got through about a round and a half. Somewhere very near the end of this Montross showed up in an effort to receive full credit for a post but that is up to Watts Up to make the call. Some chatter about Freight’s love handles, Slaw’s toboggan size, Montross’s tights. Lil Sweet had a great story about them slinging Ash Pond up into the air about 20 feet with a bed sheet and when he landed the sheet split and he got hurt. Good times. Get your block and mosey back to the flag.
The point of the paper leaves was from a frequently used phrase around this time of year “turning over a new leaf”. When we each think of a resolution or a change we need to make, most of us immediately think of a specific area or habit we need to improve. I told the guys to make an effort to turn over a new leaf in that area or habit and make a solid effort to get better. It is usually up to us to make the change.

Announcements: Not much.

Prayer Requests: Lil Sweet and Slaw’s cousin, Gold Digger’s M and new baby and new grandson for Broke, our country and it’s leaders.
Freight took us out.

Day One at Belmont Central

After much more discussion than was needed, the day finally arrived to test a new Friday morning option for Gastonia region.  Strong number of Pax came out to show support.

No FNGs, let’s get started.  10 SSH, 10 Grass Pickers, 10 burpees.  Mosey.

Track with play ground equipment is at the soccer field beside school.  YHC calls for modified Murph.  Run a lap, 10 reverse rows, 20 merkins, 30 squats.   10 rounds.  Track is .2 miles.

Few minutes remain, mosey to bottom of hill where YHC likes to stage Bo Dereks.  Do few step ups, back up the hill to the flag.  Pledge.

Moleskin:  YHC devotion yesterday was on being powerless.  Speaking of how things happen in life that we have absolutely no control over. Sometimes they are small things in life, but sometimes they are big.   How we respond can go long ways in defining success.

Announcements:  New Q source option also launching in Belmont on Saturdays.  After the boot camp, meet at Cherub’s at 8:00 for Q source discussion.  Breaker Breaker is putting this together.  Q’s will be needed.

Prayer requests: Tick Tock and family, Double Trouble from Metro, Nutria friend Pat that has cancer, Breaker Breaker niece with covid.

YHC took us out.

Always an honor


5 Suggestions…

With a soft launch of a new Friday AO in Belmont, YHC wasn’t sure what the turnout for today’s OG Friday beating was going to be.   Finishing a little EC with EZ RIder, two known trucks roll in.  Well, at least there will be four.  By the time 0530 arrived ten were gathered around YHC.

No FNGs, but YHC did advise this was a you vs. you day.  Modify (the 5 suggestions) as needed.

We knockout the Pledge of Allegiance and then move to warmup.


  • 10 SSH IC
  • 10 Merkins OYO
  • Mosey to parking garage via MLK


Perform a count of 2 each of the exercises listed.  Mosey to top of the garage via the stairs.  2 Burpees, Return to the bottom.  Increase count of exercises by 2 each round.  Burpees stay at 2.

  • SSH
  • Merkin
  • LBC
  • Squat

Hold after the round with count of 20.

15 Elbows to Knees IC
15 Flutters IC

Back to the regular program, but start to work back down…

Time started to get short, so hold after the lap for a count of 12.

Mosey back to flag the direct route.

Finish time with flutters.


Prayer Requests:

  • TickTock
  • Double  Trouble
  • Nation

Mayor took us out.


I hope we had a good group in Belmont this morning.


Until next time.

Watts Up Powering Down.

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