• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/29/2021
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Linus
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Purple Haze, JJ, Folgers, Slaw, Mayor, EZ Rider

I’ve always felt like Downtown ranked high in the list of active HIM’s who attend.  Active Pax mean high intensity.  Today’s line-up was no different and I had my ‘how am I going to lead these guys from behind’ concern on.  It worked out great and we had a blast.

Disclaimer:  No burpees today boys and you can see I’m not a professional.


Side Straddle Hops until Purple Haze joins the crowd.  In Cadence, we stopped around 176 or so.  Mosey to the Garage.

The Thang:

In group, 5 merkins at the bottom of the garage.  Run loop up to the top and at each corresponding level add 5 merkins.  At the top do 30 SSH.  Mosey down the stairs.

Rinse and Repeat with Crab Crunches (20 this time and no increase).  SSH at top level and mosey back down the stairs.

Rinse and Repeat with Squats, 20 I think.  No increase each level and we are skipping SSH at the top.  Mosey down the steps.

Split into two groups.  Group 1 runs up to the top level of parking deck.  Group 2:  10 Carolina Dry Dock and hold Downward Dog for 10 seconds.  10 CDD, hold plank, etc. etc.  We were on our knees by the time Slaw’s group made it back but we quickly rose to plank position as they arrived.  I’ll bet they’ll never know.  Group 2 run, group 1 CDD’s……

Rinse and Repeat with Squats and Al Gores only going around one level and back down.

Off to the dark hill.

Partner Up.  Partner 1 does 5 merkins while Partner 2 bear crawls.  At end of merkins chase your partner down and swap.  Increase by 5 but only to 10 total.  Distance is to stop light.  Slaw and PH made it look easy.

Same thing, Crab walk and Crab toe touch, 6 (3 each leg) and catch your partner only going to first telephone pole.

Back to bottom.  30 SSH, plank position while JJ give 10 count.  Sprint to stop light.  I had to call JJ by cell phone to tell him to come back.  Dude is like a rocket.

Safely cross the street.  Same idea, squats (10) while partner lunge walks home.  EZ getting nervous with the time, mosey back with two minutes left, end up with one to spare.

Quick round of Mary resulted in flutters being called by about 10 count cadence.


EZ Rider says this AO and volunteering to Q will make you a man, maybe The Man.  I felt like one this morning.  Felt like a baby later in the day, but quite the Man this morning.

Honored to lead.


Mortimer relay

Extinction Run:  February 13

Valentines Day February 14

Downtown with new shovel flag


Blart’s M and family

EZ Rider, church members lost mother

F3 Brothers