• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/30/2021
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Tiger
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Gavel, El Tigre(R), Scurvy, Breaker Breaker(R), Orangeman(R), Cpap(R), Boudin, Sargento, Dirt(R), Snookie, Pilgrim's Promise, Nutria

Pilgrims Promise was rallying troops at Bottom’s Up prior evening, so YHC expected big turnout.  Pax did not disappoint.


Cross street for warm up, SSH, toy soldiers, cotton pickers, all 10x IC.  Mosey to Hawthorne Hill.

Triple nickel, 5 hand release merkins at top, 5 squat press at bottom.  Good start on cold morning.  Mosey back to main street and up hill to crossing of Main and Central.  On to First Pres parking lot.  Partner up for modified DORA.  Instead of calling number of reps, we AMRAP called exercise while partner runs to end of parking lot and back.  Exercises were hand release merkins, lbc, merkins, crunchy frogs, werkins, American hammer,  mike tysons, frddy mercs .  Good work.  Mosey down central ave.

Stop in front of First Baptist at wall.  Step ups – 10 each leg and 20 suspension merkins.  Three rounds.  Mosey to turd shack.

At turd shack, 10 hip slappers count one side, 1 min wall sit.  Three rounds.  Mosey to Yank, 10 derkins.  Time.

Moleskin:  YHC been reading a book by Trevor Mowad titled It Take What It Takes.  Last couple of days of discussed how negativity impacts life in such a greater degree than positive messages.  Negative thoughts and negative self-talk is really difficult to overcome.  Also tears down others much more quickly than positive builds.  Think about it.

Announcements: Extinction Run 2/13 – sign up even if not running so restaurant will know how to prepare, blood drive by Oneblood at First Presbyterian Belmont Tuesday 2/02 from 2-6, new Qsource option after the Yank at Cherubs

Prayer requests: Slim Shady, Nutria friend Pat, El Tigre co-worker, another Pax Sprinkler

YHC took us out

Always an honor