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Day: January 26, 2021

Cold and dry

Started with some nice warm ups then ran to the flag pole to do the pledge. Did 25 side straddle hops and 25 monkey humpers. Ran to the shed at the bottom of the park.

The workout was 1 min of each exercise 3 rounds.

American hammers





low planks


Freddie Mercury’s

After the workout we ran back to the parking lot did the announcements, prayer request, prayed, and dismissed

On the ruck again

05:30 so we started with pledge; 4 pax left Sno-balls and went to Gastone’s Hill


On our way up the hill we stopped at each mailbox on the right and did 5 squats (pack on); once we reached the top it was packs off for round of 20 chest presses (pressing the pack) and 25 flutters (holding pack in pressed position).  Pack on and back down the hill. On to Dollar General and through Food Lion parking lot where we did a few rounds of 10 squats/10 monkey humpers; on to 7/11 and back to entrance to Martha Rivers stopping for additional rounds of 10 squats/10 monkey humpers; finally returned to Sno-balls just in time for some Mary…Tube started us off with 20 reverse crunches; Hermie led us in 25 flutters; Les Nessman ordered oblique crunches (15 each side); Dry Rub suggested 20 heels to heaven; back to Tube for 10 boxcutters and finally Hermie let us off the hook with 10 shoulder taps (count one arm).  Time!

No announcements

Prayers for :

Les Nessman’s wife

Les Nessman’s father in law

Hermie’s family friend

Short prayer by Dry Rub and we’re off to work!

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