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Myself? I like a good mosey post! Irregardless

  • Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 01/27/2021
  • AO: The Ricky Bobby
  • QIC: Myself
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tesla (R), Watts Up (R), Rebar, Dirt (R), Clampett, Sweetheart, Gavel, Geezer, Shell Shock, Bubba Sparks, Nutria, Virus (R), Sargento (myself)

In this edition of The Ricky Bobby, 12 was the number and this is what happened.

Myself likes to search out new exercises and places to go do stuff and, as myself was thinking to myself, a mosey was contemplated. Irregardless of what anyone says, myself decided to show the PAX in attendance exactly that. Myself mentioned to the PAX that we’d probably go play in the Woods…Cramer Woods that is!

Pledge of Allegiance


Don Quixote

Mosey, stopping before we crossed the street into the neighborhood to explain the routine. PAX would stop at each street light and do 10 reps of whatever exercise we decided to do. And off we go…

Winder Trail – Clampett suggested Merkins (does he know me?!?) fine, we did them, like 500 I think

Old Town Lane – Flutter Kicks x10 each leg

McChesney Drive – Monkey Humpers all the way to the absent Roscoe’s house. Upon reaching said fartsacker’s house, his M was leaving the premises and told myself that he’d committed a homicide or something like that, so we did more Monkey Humpers.

McChesney Drive going back – Big Boy sit-ups (they sucked)

Old Town Lane – CDDs

Winder Trail – Lunges x10 each leg, this lasted about 3 lights before myself realized that myself intended to run Crowder’s Mountain later that day so myself switched us to Squats

Upon arriving at the AO we did 5 burpees for the train that had passed earlier and then a round of Mary until time was up.

Myself had shared the 5 core principals of F3 throughout the workout and in the end shared myself’s favorite, “Peer led”. With so many newer PAX posting at the greatest AO in the world we’re about to start voluntelling the guys when they’re going to Q. Be prepared men, it’s going to be great!

Myself out!!! Ask Roscoe or Defib what myself is talking about in case you’re confused.

Announcements: Help Termite move someone in Denver Friday at 5pm, new AO naming at the new AO Friday 5:30am, Extinction Run, Belmont 5k in May

Prayer requests: Watts Up tests, Slim Shady

Myself took us out in prayer.

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  1. Roscoe

    This is Shakespeare! Well done!

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