• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 12/12/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Doodles, Volt, Mayor, Hacksaw, Achy Breaky, Wirenut, Roundup, Dr Seuss, Stogie, Oompa Loompa, Purple Haze, Big Pappy, Termite, Sarlacc, Def Leppard, Montross, Freight(QIC)

17 men posted to see what Bedpan had in store for us. To their surprise Bedpan didn’t want to share his weinke with us. 6:30 rolled around and no Bedpan. If you know me I like to Q so I stepped right on in to the middle of the circle. I think a few people volunteered to Q but I ignored them. I may have even pushed a few people down( now I know what it feels like to be Dr Seuss)(see V2V BB). Anyway we got on with it!


Who knows it was made up on the spot but it bought me some time to think of something to do for the thang.

The Thang:

Mosey to the gazebo for a story about my engagement. We did some pickleish pounders and some dying cockroaches.

Mosey to the flag at the AG center. LBC’s and the pledge.

Mosey down to one of the fresher paved parking lots. 11’s with bear crawls and crab walks. Bear crawl 10 spaces run to the other end of the parking lot and crab walk 1. Rinse and repeat in 11’s fashion. I was planning this for Midoriyama on Tuesday so this was a good test run. There was some good mumble chatter during this. Talk of pastoring, folsom jerky, and I think thongs.

Mosey over to the road where there were 2 speedbumps about 100ish yds apart for some more 11’s. Hand release merkins and squats or drinking birds for some of you(you know who you are).

Mosey to the steps. 10 calf raises per step. SSH while you wait your turn at the top and the bottom. I think there was 10 steps so 100 total. It’s Monday now and my calves are sore! It was noted that those that went first didn’t do a lot of SSH while they waited for the 6(you know who you are).

Just a few minutes to go we started the mosey around the back of the park. When we got to the pavilion I asked Roundup if we had time to get around the lake and he said of course! Partially around the lake someone said we only had a minute left. YHC responded you better hurry then! Classic Freight ami right? All in all we covered somewhere around 3.5 miles depending on the watch.


Namerama-There was some smack talk and some surprised looks as the PAX expressed how they felt about bedpan not showing up.


Prayer request


Bedpan called while we were at the kitchen. He is in the middle of a huge remodel and I think he said he was sleeping in the bathtub but I may have misunderstood. He said he wrote down the wrong date on his Q. It doesn’t really matter because he’s going to catch some crap for it no matter what. That’s just how we roll. That being said while we should take our responsibilities seriously there should never be an issue with someone stepping into the leadership role. We are a leadership building group right! Life is going to throw us curve balls(man I hate baseball). This time it was Bedpan. The next time it may be me.