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Day: December 3, 2020

No form police required

It was beautiful mild December evening at F3’s greatest afternoon AO in whole wide world.
The Tarheel fans were
strangely silent, the form police was missing, and not to name names, but some batflippers were absent.
Guess they thought Wojo was gonna run their itty-bitty legs off

530pm circle up. All veterans. No disclaimer. Shovel flag in ground.

Warm up:
10 SSH in cadence
Mosey a bit
20 Abe Vigoda in cadence
Mosey a bit
30 Flutters in cadence
Mosey a bit
Frogger across the road
40 Moroccan Night Clubs in cadence
Mosey a bit
50 Shoulder Taps single count

The thang:
First course.
From back of parking lot run to first line, one merkin, CDD, neckie, whatever. No form police attention needed.
Return to start line.
Run to second line, two of whatever.
Return to start line.
Run to third line, three of whatever.
Twenty spaces. Do the math.

OYO burpees while waiting on six.

Second course.
Generally as above, except LBC’s. Start at 20, run line, exercise, back to start, then down to one.

OYO burpees while waiting on six. Thanks to Wet Nuts for picking up Oompa the last four lines.

Third course.
Generally as above, except squats. Start at 20, yada, yada, yada.

Cool down:
20 Shoulder taps single count
Mosey a bit
20 Moroccan Night Clubs single count
Mosey a bit
10 Flutter kicks in cadence
Mosey a bit
5 Abe Vigoda in cadence
Mosey back to flag.
5 SSH in cadence.


Announcements. See previous BBs for other, Nomads to Shelby Saturday, Blood drive, Christmas Party.

Prayer requests. Sargento’s list.

People who suffer loss of loved ones or other issues during the Holiday season.


YHC took us out in prayer.

Been battling MRSA in my elbow since September, so gotten wimpy on my merkins, and needed to get back to pushing the rock.

Was a pleasure to be allowed to Q.

Birthday and Buttermilk

So YHC had a birthday and got deeper into the DR decade! So what? That happens. Time to move forward. We’ll get old later. So on a high 20s clear morning (aka perfect) we got with it. This is how it went down:


Arm stretches

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Cotton Pickers X 20

Grapevine Stretches

Nolan Ryans X 20

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Mosey over to the Gazebo.

10 burpees – Lap @ the Town Green.

20 Big Boys – Lap @ Town Green

30 CDDs – Lap @ Town Green.

Mosey over to the Goat Island parking lot as the park was closed due to flood damage. Lunge walk across each bridge.

Inclined Merkins X 10

Dips X 10

Inclined sit ups X 10

Run a parking lot lap!

Rinse and repeat above, 15X each, run another lap.

Back to the gazebo, Lt. Dans across the bridges.

40 Merkins – Lap

50 squats – Lap

60 SSH – Lap

Mosey to the flag and some final stretches and a pledge


Great cold morning and a great way to start the 7th decade on the Big Ball! That seems crazy to say or conceive of for that matter. Even got a birthday present! A quart of Buttermilk! How about that! I’m good with it. Real good in fact.

In all seriousness 61 for me is a big deal. My dad died at age 61. I was 31. So essentially I have lived half my life without him here with me. I loved my dad. But he had the opportunity to be great. And he didn’t quite get there. Lots of self inflicted wounds. Tears me up when I think of it because he really was solid in a lot of areas. But he lacked a mature faith and it hurt him. How about we learn from mistakes and get better form them which is my thing here. So to me it’s about finishing some big jobs this year and getting others opened up and moving. On a lot of fronts.

Great group to celebrate with. Let’s go lead from the front and make things happen men!






Been a Minute

Since I’ve been to Midoriyama.


Warm up:

  1. Don Q x 10ic
  2. SSH x 10ic

The Thang:

  1. Step up Knee up x 20
  2. Split Squats 10 ea side
  3. Single Leg Hip Thrusts 10 ea. side
  4. Mosey to Parking Lot
  5. Exercises in Parking Spaces: Line Jumps, Holy Crosses, Walk out to Merkins, CDD, Deep Squat to Lunge, Slow LBC, Calf Raises, All 4 Rotations, Lateral Line Jumps, Lunge w/ Reach, Scorpions 1 person runs around median
  6. Dora 123: Groiners, Merkins, LBFC
  7. Mosey to Flag
  8. A Round of Core exercises


They got violated. Kinda. Not in that way. You’re gross. Get your head out of the gutter Whoopee

Yank – 11/14

Temp: Cool, 40ish?

Crowd: Grew fast, 11 total. With the PT Test at Gashouse didn’t know how many we would have. Good turnout


Jacked up!

The Thang:

A Triple HIPAA Violation on Main St.!

11’s but with 3 exercises and 3 stops up Main street each stop with 7 squats

3 Exercises:


Diamond Merkins

Bobby Hurleys


115 Burpees (we did 5 more to get us to 8AM), 110 Diamond Merkins, 110 Bobby Hurley’s & 210 Squats

We got it all in with time to spare. Boudin wanted a tour of Belmont so off we ran. By my watch we got in 2.5 miles total. I think Slim Shady said he had 3.5 miles. Either way we got miles in. Non-stop the whole time. FNG Objection said he hates cardio but needed more of it. Well you got it today!


Welcome FNG’s:

Ringo – Musician (Drummer), plays worship music & has an album?

Objection – Lawyer in Charlotte, need i say more? wonder if he knows of the law firm Redding Jones, PLLC?


Announcements and Prayer requests were said

I’d tell you more but it would be a HIPAA Violation.

3rd F – December 3

Proverbs 3


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