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Day: December 5, 2020

Ain’t got time to bleed? Yes you do!

It was a cool morning at the Gashouse with the remnants of an overnight rainfall marking the parking lots with puddles.  Most of the PAX travelled to Shelby for the convergence.  For those that decided to stay local, all the Saturday Gastonia AO’s were open for business.  Linus had asked for a Q so YHC volunteered.

YHC was extremely surprised and pleased to see none other than Van Winkle in the parking lot.  He brought with him Do Re Mi and they came to post and promote the F3 blood drive “Freed to Bleed”.  More on that in a minute.  He inquired as to the Painlab versus bootcamp option and was wondering how much running we would be doing in the bootcamp.  Lucky for him I am the Q and can modify the workout since I had some general ideas but no printed Weinke.  The second nice surprise was seeing “Eddie” posting with Defib.  It is a treat to have 2.0’s post to a workout where they can help us old guys push the rock and we can hopefully influence them to advantage as they find their way in the world.  Eddie is a guitar virtuoso and YHC brought my wireless speaker and had some John Petrucci solo work dialed in for the “Thang” that we would do later.

At 0700 a quick disclaimer and a brief warmup consisting of SSH, Merkins, Squats, LBC’s, and the Pledge of Allegiance.  The boot campers followed me and the Painlab folks stayed with Tube.

We had 8 for the Bootcamp according to the count off that we tried to execute.  There were some problems with getting the right number and some candor was shared as we ran up to the Grier parking lot.  We started the workout with some bear crawls from one side to the other, followed by 5 merkins, lunge walk back for five rounds.  I inadvertently threw Van Winkle a bone because apparently bear crawling is his D2X.  He led the way and the rest of us just tried to keep up.

After this we held a plank until we heard what JJ was grateful for.  His response was family.  #truthnugget

We moseyed over to Parkwood parking lot for the descending triangle.  Three exercises would be called at each point of the triangle.
The “Thang”…

10 burpees, mosey to next point: 10 8-count bodybuilders, mosey to next point: 10 Squat jumps

repeat with the exercises with reps 9-9-9-8-8-8-7-7-7-6-6-6-5-5-5-4-4-4-3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1.

We decided to do this in cadence together with the speaker blaring some guitar virtuosity.

This workout perhaps should be done for time OYO and it would be awful.  It was bad enough staying together as a group.  The descending triangle will now be known as “The Stroganoff”.

Stroganoff was to take the Q so we were expecting the “wolfpack grinder” or the “Forrest Gump” workout.  Since he couldn’t make it he gave it to me so today he gets the honor of having an exercise set named after him.  Remember this set piece if Strogi is at a workout you are Q’ing.

After this we moseyed to the steps at FPC.  15 Dying cockroaches at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom for 5 rounds.

Next we moseyed to the dental office wall for some derkins and dips for three sets.  We played Frogger crossing the street and some of us had to double time to avoid some traffic.  Jerry Reed’s “Eastbound and Down” was playing on the speaker at this point.  We headed back to start are rallied up with the Painlab PAX for 51 Flutter kicks and a few toes touches when the bells rang, signaling 0800 hours and the end of the workout.

Announcements:  Christmas Party

Prayer Requests:  Dry Rub’s M, Do Re Mi’s son Will, Tube’s Co-worker DJ, Sargento

The AAR:

Van Winkle was the first person to tell me about F3.  We played in a charity golf tournament with a mutual friend.  This would have been 2014.  Gastone called me just before midnight on December 31st, 2014 to place me in the EH.  I was sold and posted within the first few weeks when our region was being planted.  I am thankful to both of these men for getting me started and I am thankful for all of you reading this for being part of the journey.

Now for the Freed to Bleed!

Van Winkle and Do Re Mi are Charlotte “Core” workout guys but they came to visit to motivate and inspire more blood donations.  Do Re Mi had never given but missed his calling as his D2X is bleeding apparently.   He said his donation record now is in the three minute and change mark!  That is unbelievable!  Anyway, here is what is happening…

The mission of Freed to Bleed is to donate 10,000 pints of blood for 10 years of F3.  If you aren’t a blood donor or have never donated, please consider it.  Once they stick your arm it takes most people less than 7 minutes.  I average 5 minutes.  Do Re Mi can do it in under 4 minutes.

Tiger has scheduled a blood drive for this Thursday at Park Street Methodist Church in Belmont.  Please take a moment and click this link,  type F3 in the “Give Blood, Find a Drive” screen in the top left.  It will show up.  Select a time and plan to be there.  It will be a terrific second F and a third F for doing something for others.

Always a pleasure to lead!






Giblet gravy

Warm up:
I guess some of the pax had started eating some turkey early because several strolled in late. So we did monkey humpers while they
slowly joined us.

Mosey for some Tens.
Social distance partner work. Pax 1 goes one way pax 2 the other stop do 10 merkins. Meet back 20 squats switch then descending to 1. Gastone called this a long time ago and it has always one of my favorites.

short mosey to talk some turkey.

11s CDD’s (What Up Def) and American hammers turkey walking vs sprinting.
With a short mosey back to the tennis courts I tried a little turkey huntin.
Various Pax pretended to be turkeys while the rest of the pax sprinted to catch some dinner.
The Pax showed why Benjamen Franklin wanted the turkey to be the National Bird.
They out smarted everyone and ran away. No turkeys were harmed. Just feelings

We prayed, mentioned the next two ways to post.
I will always be thankful for my brothers in F3.

But Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!
1 Corinthians 15:57

The Bed Pan is Full..

3,2,1 Go Get it Done!

Might as well been my VQ as it’s been a long time but it was good to get out and lead 13 HIMs. Focus was on the Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit. I attempted to create a triangle with burpees done in 3,2,1 form and all items other than stretching were in 3s.

Here’s the low down

Moseyed to the auditorium for the warmup as we were sardines packed ok the curb of downtown Belmont. We got in:

3 sets of SSH, plank jacks with 3,2,1 burpees after (3 after first set 2 at second, etc)

Moseyed again feeding around the track to the middle school wall for some quality wall time

3 sets of wall sits (45 sec), wall shoulder taps, and Jackasses (leg wall kicks, they were called several other names while progressing) 10-15-20 reps; after each set we ran a lap around the track. And then let the moseying begin for a good bit down to the tennis courts near David Park.

my true VQ did take us here and so Sargento intelligently and insightfully pointed this out. You can’t argue that Wolfpack grads are smart. My rant spoke of myself golden tennis years and how suicides were a big part of being competitive. So the AGASSIS went into full forge

part 1 – length if the 4 tennis courts, an exercise at each of the far end doubles line, we did

3 sets of merkins, American hammers, werkins, lunges (10-15-20 reps) 3,2,1 burpees at end of 3 sets

now, take it into sprint suicides ok one court

3 sets flutter kicks, CDDs, LBCs and mountain climbers. 10-25-20 reps again.  10 counts were sprinkled in to make sure no pass outs.

back hone tennis suicides complete. Agassi would be proud!

we made a pit stop on the way back and did some Shady stretching –

balls to the wall then take left foot to left hand on wall 10 secs, right foot to right hand 10 seconds rinse and repeat.

we made our way back to where it all began at the auditorium. Did some Mary with a de calling  out exercises and then ended with 10 burpees.

made our back right in time for the Yank Bell to ring. Boya!

Shared the underlining message of we are each one that lives with the father son and Holy Spirit with us  don’t take that for granted. Stand strong and be the light of Jesus in a broken jacked up world

Declared the pledge

and then announcements / prayers

21 blood drive registered
22 goal
43 ceiling

Canned good drive – 12/19

Orange man – surgery for daughter
Tiger family members
SA surgery
Lynn hamm – breaker breaker
Young life – off on a trip

It may have been rough but each of you are tough, remember 3,2,1, God’s son and GO GET IT DONE!


slim shady out ✌🏼

Capt. Roger H.C. Donlon

On Dec 5th, 1964, Capt. Roger H.C. Donlon received the Medal of Honor from Lyndon Johnson.   This morning,  we dedicated our workout to this HIM and his leadership.

See the source image

Citation/The Thang:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while defending a U.S. military installation against a fierce attack by hostile forces.  Capt. Donlon was serving as the commanding officer of the U.S. Army Special Forces Detachment A-726 at Camp Nam Dong when a reinforced Viet Cong battalion suddenly launched a full-scale, predawn attack on the camp.

Sprint NUR back  – AMRAP

During the violent battle that ensued, lasting 5 hours and resulting in heavy casualties on both sides, Capt. Donlon directed the defense operations in the midst of an enemy barrage of mortar shells, falling grenades, and extremely heavy gunfire.

Sprint, 5 hand release merkins NUR back – AMRAP

Upon the initial onslaught, he swiftly marshaled his forces and ordered the removal of the needed ammunition from a blazing building. He then dashed through a hail of small arms and exploding hand grenades to abort a breach of the main gate.

Sprint, 5 hand release merkins, sprint all the way down – AMRAP

En route to this position he detected an enemy demolition team of 3 in the proximity of the main gate and quickly annihilated them.

Sprint, 5 hand release merkins, 3 burpees NUR back – AMRAP

Although exposed to the intense grenade attack, he then succeeded in reaching a 60mm mortar position despite sustaining a severe stomach wound as he was within 5 yards of the gun pit.

Sprint, 5 hand release merkins, 100 LBC’s NUR back – AMRAP

When he discovered that most of the men in this gunpit were also wounded, he completely disregarded his own injury, directed their withdrawal to a location 30 meters away, and again risked his life by remaining behind and covering the movement with the utmost effectiveness.

Sprint, 5 hand release merkins, 30 American Hammers – AMRAP

Noticing that his team sergeant was unable to evacuate the gun pit he crawled toward him and, while dragging the fallen soldier out of the gunpit, an enemy mortar exploded and inflicted a wound in Capt. Donlon’s left shoulder.

Bear crawl, 5 hand release merkins,  20 wide arm merkins –  AMRAP

Although suffering from multiple wounds, he carried the abandoned 60mm mortar weapon to a new location 30 meters away where he found 3 wounded defenders.

Bear crawl, 5 hand release merkins,  3 burpees – AMRAP

After administering first aid and encouragement to these men, he left the weapon with them, headed toward another position, and retrieved a 57mm recoilless rifle.

57 Moroccan Nightclubs

Then with great courage and coolness under fire, he returned to the abandoned gun pit, evacuated ammunition for the 2 weapons, and while crawling and dragging the urgently needed ammunition, received a third wound on his leg by an enemy hand grenade.

Bear crawl, 5 hand release merkins,  5 Burpees – AMRAP

Despite his critical physical condition, he again crawled 175 meters to an 81mm mortar position and directed firing operations which protected the seriously threatened east sector of the camp.

Bear crawl, 175 LBC’s –  AMRAP

He then moved to an eastern 60mm mortar position and upon determining that the vicious enemy assault had weakened, crawled back to the gun pit with the 60mm mortar, set it up for defensive operations, and turned it over to 2 defenders with minor wounds.

Sprint, 60 Calve Raisers –  AMRAP

Without hesitation, he left this sheltered position, and moved from position to position around the beleaguered perimeter while hurling hand grenades at the enemy and inspiring his men to superhuman effort. As he bravely continued to move around the perimeter, a mortar shell exploded, wounding him in the face and body.

Mosey 4 corners 5 hand release merkins 

As the long awaited daylight brought defeat to the enemy forces and their retreat back to the jungle leaving behind 54 of their dead, many weapons, and grenades, Capt. Donlon immediately reorganized his defenses and administered first aid to the wounded.

57 Moroccan Nightclubs 

His dynamic leadership, fortitude, and valiant efforts inspired not only the American personnel but the friendly Vietnamese defenders as well and resulted in the successful defense of the camp. Capt. Donlon’s extraordinary heroism, at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty are in the highest traditions of the U.S. Army and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country.

22 For the Troops 

When receiving the Medal of Honor, Capt. Donlon  introduced all the remaining survivors of his team to the president and said, “The medal belongs to them, too.”  He would later write, “It was a team effort, and I was simply the designated leader.”  Always lead humbly  and with a servant heart.

Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves”


  • Dec 12th Christmas Party

Prayer Request:

  • Montross M
  • Westside Mother
  • Volt
  • Sister Act
  • Wichita
  • Those alone during the holidays or unable to see family
  • Sargento’s Prayer List

Big Pappy

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