• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/21/2020
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Broke
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Dr. Seuss (R), Def Leppard (R), Sister Act, Slaw, Pizza Man, Freight, Wichita, Wire Nut, Achy Breaky, Volt, Mozart, Purple Haze (R), Buckeye, Love Boat, Sarlaac, Stogie

As usual, there were quite a few PAX getting in some EC at Folsom early on Saturday, but one regular was missing….Dr. Seuss. YHC assumed that he was posting elsewhere on this fine morning, but a few minutes before 0630 in he rolls. Next time you see him, you may want to ask him about his non-participation. Anyway, time hits and there are 17 PAX ready to move on with the workout. After the usual disclaimer, pledge and warmup we headed to the tennis courts for what YHC though would be a simple you vs. you start to the workout. Wrong!


A pyramid of exercises was posted in multiple places and CLEAR AND PRECISE directions were given on how to rotate through the various exercises. Evidently, the PAX of Folsom follow directions about as well as the PAX of Midoriyama do math. Time for new directions – Just do all the reps listed on the sheet however you want. This routine took much longer than YHC expected and there was nonstop mumble chatter and discussion of proper form the entire time. I’m not sure if the PAX were trying to make a last minute push for the Form Police Award or Most Supportive, but it was definitely entertaining.


We had a little time left so we lined up on the tennis courts and did the following:

Run 1 court then 4 reps of exercise

Run 2 court then 8 reps of exercise

Run 3 court then 12 reps of exercise

Run back to start and move to next exercise

Exercises were burpee’s, big boys, IW Squats and HR Merkins



We discussed the importance of QSource and encouraged all to attend.



Thanksgiving Day – 0530 Folsom, 0700 Goat, 0830 Pub 5k

Dec. 5 – Shelby convergence

Dec. 10 – Blood drive

Dec. 12 – Christmas party

Achy Breaky VQ at Folsom on 11/24


Prayer Request

Sargento’s list

Sister Act and family

Families around the holidays

Government and Country


Dr. Seuss took us out.

I’m Broke