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Day: November 28, 2020

After Indulgence Calorie Burn

I didn’t have a lot going on and I told the site Q I would stop by and lead if anyone showed. No body showed so I ran a mile and talked junk on a video and posted it on Twitter.

Dont forget Sargento’s prayer list.


Happy Thanksgiving men!

Thankful Yanks

12 Men recovering from black Friday and then I showed up as well. No FNG’s  Disclaimer given let’s warmup!!

Warmup 20 IC

SSH while I explained the plan.

I borrowed this plan from my longtime friend Pizzaman. He ran this for the annihilation crew a few months back. I want to run more so this is a great way to get some miles in. I also adjusted the Burpees.  Only we had to all stay together and since its still thanksgiving; we stopped a couple of times to share some thanks. We even visited El Tigre’s  new house and gave him some Monkey Humpers. Brutus has a good watch to keep distance; so he kept up with our 1/4 mile stops. Thanks to him for helping me.


SSH X 20 IC (Explained what the plan was during this)

The Thang:

YHC created a 4 mile route and at every 1/4 mile marker the PAX were to perform a set of exercises.

The exercises were…

5 Moroccan Night Clubs

10 merkins

15 squats

20 Flutters (each leg)

Then on to the next mark…strong work by all!!

With that complete and around 10 minutes to go we moseyed to the covered shelter for Some warm down and stretching. 5 Burpees to top it off.


Thankful Goat!!

30 men on the 2nd leg of Thanksgiving morning. Disclaimer given let’s warmup!!

Warmup 20 IC 


Merkins 22 for the vets delivered by Slaw 


OverHead Claps

Cotton Pickers

Nolan Ryan’s (each arm)

Dying Cockroaches



Moroccan night club

Share a story or something your thankful for.

Draw a 5 cards from the workout deck. Complete exercise and then mosey around the block. When everyone has returned, we draw another 5 cards and repeat run. Go through the whole deck till time is up.

We stopped several times and shared a thankful story. We got through about half the deck before time was up.



Christmas party sign up. To go or not to go, Complete the form and voting.


Prayer list. Sargento has a prayer list for the 40 day prayer challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving guys!!

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