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Day: November 4, 2020

A Brisk Prison Break

4 HIMs  woke up and put some work in at Prison Break.  Like always, it was worth it.

James 1:5 ” If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”



  • Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving
  • Nov 14 PT Test
  • Dec 12th Christmas Party

Prayer Request

  • Mayor’s M
  • Broke’s M
  • Sister Act and family
  • Stogies Friend
  • Thankfulness Prayer  for Huck and new job

Big Pappy


11/3/20 – The Storm – Election Day



Since its election day, I thought it would be nice to have an Election Day theme.  I split the PAX into two groups.  They then elected a senator to represent the whole group and I gave the PAX a choice between two routines.  In the case of a draw between two routines, I would act as the vice president and cast the deciding vote.  Here is how it went……


Senate Bill No. 1  The Warm Up

The choice was between a Termite Warm UP (1 mile Mosey) or Regular Warm Up?  Both groups choose the regular warm up which were Hillbillies IC x 20 – Moroccan Night Clubs IC x 20 and 10 Merkins OYO.  Opps, Q fail, I lost my right glove.  I’m going to need that later.  I’ll channel my best Michael Jackson along the way.


Mosey behind the school for Senate Bill No. 2

11’s                              or                                 Triple Nickle ?

Here one group wanted 11’s and the other wanted Triple Nickle.    The VP broke the tie with Tripple Nickle.  We did 5 Jump Squats at the crosswalk behind the school and 4 count leg lifts at the gate at the back of the parking lot.


Mosey to the front parking lot

Senate Bill No. 3

Wet Nuts Bear Crawl              or         Bear Way to Heaven.

Both groups choose Bear Way to Heaven which is Bear Crawl for 10 yds and do 10 Burpees, Mosey back to the start.  Bear Crawl 20 yds and do 8 burpees, mosey to the start.  Bear Crawl for 30 yds and do 6 Burpees, Mosey back to the start.  Bear Crawl 40 yds and do 2 burpees, Mosey to the start.  Bear Crawl for 50 yds and do 2 Burpees, Mosey back to the start.  To be completed before “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin ends.  Thanks to Sargento for pulling the song up for us.  Most completed it in time.


Senate Bill No. 4

4 Corners        or         Suicide Sprints.

Both groups choose 4 Corners.  Here we used 4 lights poles as the 4 corners.

First corner – 5 Burpees

Second corner – 10 Diamond Merkins

Third Corner – 20 Bobby Hurley’s

Fourth Corner – 40 Flutter Kicks counting one leg

We completed 2 rounds of this.

Mosey Back to the flag to plank for the 6 and a few LBC’s.

Thanks to those who brought the pavers back to my car.

Thanks to Roscoe for EC and recording Namarama when my phone died.  Q Fail.

Welcome FNG  Garret Lunins.  He is an architect so we named him Mike Brady.

Thanks for voting in The Storm Senate today.



9 all together at Midoriyama on Tuesday. Some regulars, some not. Good to see most. JK, mostly,  not really, kinda.


SSH x 25ic

I tried to get everyone to stay IC with me but Shortsale rebelled and just flat out refused. This turned into him blaming me for his knee and something about $5,000. Then his face got red, you know how angry he gets. You would’ve thought I asked him for directions or something! Maybe I should buy him an appropriately made biscuit to get him to relax?

Anyway we moseyed down to the new sidewalk going to the lake. Turns out it is not as steep but a little longer(the lake is now handicap accessible).

The Thang:

Triple nickel-5 burpees at the bottom and 5 sandy v’s at the top.

All went well. At some point Oompa announced he was struggling a bit because he had a colonoscopy that morning. WTH! After that there was some talk about that happening a lot in the Navy and how the Marines usually performed them. TMI!

Mosey back to the flag parking lot.

11’s-tiger squats on one side and hand release merkins on the other. However let’s step it up some. Broad jump across and hop back. It seems anytime I call jumps or hops people just quit on me! Today was no different. Most used every form of travel to get across that parking lot they could except what I called. This included prancing and rolling! At one point I thought the angry man was trying out for the N Korean army.

With a  little time left we did some dips, wall taps, merkins, LBFCs, oblique crunches, and flutters.




Announcements-Turkey trot, Christmas party 12/12, PT test 11/14, something else, and I think one more thing.




Do I need to say anymore?


Gashouse PT Test – November 14th, 2020

Here’s a reminder of what the PT Test looks like. Come on out to Gashouse on November 14th and either set your baseline time, or see how much you’ve improved since the last time.


400 Meter Run or Ruck / Walk

100 Merkins, 100 LBC’s, 100 Squats, 100 SSH’s

400 Meter Run or Ruck / Walk

75 Merkins, 75 LBC’s, 75 Squats, 75 SSH’s

400 Meter Run or Ruck / Walk

50 Merkins, 50 LBC’s, 50 Squats, 50 SSH’s

400 Meter Run or Ruck / Walk

25 Merkins, 25 LBC’s, 25 Squats, 25 SSH’s

(Those who choose the Ruck / Walk option are finished at this point)

1600 Meter Run


*All reps of each exercise are to be completed prior to advancing to the next exercise, no breaking down exercise’s into sets of lesser reps. (i.e. complete all 100 Merkins prior to moving to LBC’s)

**40 Minute Time Limit – All PAX will start at the same time and each PAX is responsible for tracking his completion time. If you do not complete the entire workout in the allotted time, note the amount of the workout that was completed. Times can be submitted to Broke who will keep a tracking worksheet for future reference.



Gashouse Turkey Trot 5k

Wondering what to do on Thanksgiving Day since all the local Turkey Trot’s have been cancelled? Here’s the answer, show up at The Pub on Thanksgiving Day at 8:30am for the Gashouse Turkey Trot 5k. This unofficial 5k will take the place of the normal Pub run and the PAX are encouraged to bring their M’s and 2.0’s to participate. As with all F3 events, this is a non-sanctioned, you vs. you, voluntary participation, recommendation of a way for you to drag yourself out of the fartsack and get some work done before you consume 5000 calories and watch football.

The route is simple, we will leave the parking lot at Publix, run out Hoffman Road to Heatherloch Drive and return back to the start. There may even be some medals for 1st Place PAX, 1st Place M, 1st Place 2.0, 1st Place Clydesdale and 1st Place Respect. There will be no official timer, and depending on participation we may start in smaller groups to allow for social distancing and to maintain safety.

Also, a $5 donation to participate is encouraged, but not required. All money collected will be used to help with the costs of the Christmas Party on December 12th at Lewis Farms.


An extremely rare opportunity will also be possible on Thanksgiving Day…..the chance for a Triple Post. Head over to Folsom for a 5:30am bootcamp, followed up by a 7am bootcamp at The Goat and then run the 5k. No better way to start the Holidays!

Spread the word at the workouts and plan to be at one or all of the workouts on Thanksgiving!

I’m Broke

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