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  • When: 01/19/2019
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  • PAX: Linus (R), Stroganoff, Madoff, Clavin (R), JellyStone, Yo Paulie, Yo Adrian, Moses (R), Whoopee, T-Square, JJ, Cheddar, Subway, HIPAA (QIC)

I had every intention on waiting to Q Gashouse for my first time ever on my 1 year anniversary. I wanted it to be a revenge Q. One that I’ve planned carefully over the course of a year. One that I could conquer. One that I could share my yearlong F3 experiences with the other PAX (Veterans and FNG’s). One that I could walk away from and say to myself, “This is why I’m here. This is why I wake up early every morning. This is why I want to do so much more every day and not for myself, but for others”.

Disclaimer. FNG Present so announced the 5 core principles of F3.



10 Volcano Squats IC

10 Merkins IC

5 burpees OYO


Announced to FNG that we have 2 options on Saturdays and to choose wisely. PainLab or Bootcamp, he chose Bootcamp. Wise choice Subway!

PainLab stayed in parking lot of Schiele

The Thang:

Bootcamp Mosey to backside of Library. It was here I announced to the PAX it was in this very spot where I truly started my F3 journey. It was the spot Whoopee had began his Q 1 year ago. It was the Spot where YHC almost splashed Merlot 1 year ago. I was here to remind myself, and others, that it all starts here and right now. It was here where I was to remind this spot that I’m here to kick it’s ass this time. That said I recreated the exact portion of Whoopees Q.

Partner up

P1 lunges around the parking lot while

P2 does 3 burpees then sprint to catch P1.

Swap positions and continue this process around the lot and back to start.

Plank for 6

R&R  But this time instead of lunge walks let’s NUR to the halfway point then return back to lunges.

Now, let’s throw in something different for a change. With the newness of Q Source on YHC’s mind I wanted to get the PAX involved that perhaps haven’t been to a Q Source meeting or listened to 43feet podcast. So let’s infiltrate their minds here and peak their interest.


Q Source – F1 – Disruption

leadership will naturally make people uncomfortable, at least until they begin to see for themselves that they are being led to a place of advantage.”

Stroganoff was kind enough to give us the overview of F1 Q Source


Speaking of Disruption and making people uncomfortable, let’s have an FNG Breakout with a Quik Q School:

FNG told PAX next exercise is the Merkin, in cadence. Well done FNG!

Now let’s get back to it:

WMDP Crawl

10 Wide Merkins

Wide merkin stance bear crawl 10 parking spaces (These spaces were long ways)

10 normal Merkins

Normal merkin stance bear crawl 10 parking spaces

10 Diamond Merkins

Diamond Merkin Stance bear crawl 10 parking spaces

10 Pseudo Planche Merkins

PPM Stance seal crawl 5 parking spaces – *Omaha to bear crawl as shoes were being torn up, dragging them across the pavement.


Mosey to Grier football field

Bleachers that are now picnic tables

20 Dips IC

20 Derkins IC



Q Source – F2 – Language

PAX took a seat at tables for a little G2.

As of January 1, 2019 there are 698 words in the F3 Lexicon. All of which are understood by every PAX and AO Nationwide. Uniformity.


Respect to Stroganoff for delivering the overview of F2


It was there I used my, rather F3, “language” to discuss my entrance into F3 by Whoopee. EH‘d in Doctors office, I think it was in my car after my visit that the First Bell went off and realized that I need to no longer be the Sad Clown I’ve been and post.  FNG could relate to that bell.


Move to Hill

Triple Nickel

Bottom of hill 5 Burpees

Bear Crawl up hill

Top of Hill 5 BBSU

Run down



Mosey back to Start, but not without a quick stop along Grier Middle School wall for some BTTW followed by Hip Slappers 10 IC. OK, now we can return to start.


Met back up with PainLab PAX where we witnessed Gold Digger dishing out a bunch of timed AMRAP. If that wasn’t bad enough for them, THERE WAS NO MUSIC!!! Shame on you Gold Digger how could you do such a thing? Don’t worry Pain Labbers, YHC will be back at the Q 2/1 and we’ll have some tunes!

Bootcampers joined in on the last set of AMRAP. 2 minutes left and YHC wanted to throw in the last bit of Q source. Give a taste of what F3 (Q Source not the organization) would look like this coming Sunday.


Q Source – F3 – Group – Community, Organization & Team

Community, which is two or more people that voluntarily live in close Proximity”

“Organization is two or more people that voluntarily combine for the accomplishment of an articulated purpose”
“Team, which is two or more people who combine to perform a specific mission for the benefit of a Community, an Organization or both”


Again, thanks to Stroganoff for giving us the quick overview of F3 Q Source.


That said, let’s do 5 burpees as a “Group”!



Many prayer requests

Gold Digger took us out

Welcome FNG – SUBWAY ! (Jared Taylor)


Head to the NEW  Union Diner for some Coffeeteria



I started my F3 journey on January 13th, 2018. 3 days prior, during my yearly heart health checkup, I was EH’d by Whoopee.  He’d tell you more but It would be a HIPAA violation. Hence my name HIPAA (That’s 1P 2A’s) & from there a HIM was born. I started out January 1, 2018 weighing in at 198Lbs and a sad clown. I did not run much and definitely nothing over a 5k. In fact, the last 5k I ran was probably 2015. Eating habits were terrible, fast foods, soft drinks & sweets. I tried to be active but the motivation just was not there. It was after my first post that I realized this is what I needed. You see during that first post, I found out I was surrounded by men that weren’t there for themselves. I was pushed, but encouraged. I wasn’t forgotten, but found. This is what made me want to return to the gloom only 2 days later at “Martha’s Black Dark Knight throwing Snoballs in Neverland”??? I never looked back after that. I had, and still have, HIM leading me into physical, mental and spiritual gains every day. You all have inspired me and given me so much to look forward to everyday. I want to personally thank each and every one of you. You all have made an impact on me to be a better man, more importantly a HIM. You all have inspired me to be a leader. With that leadership quality you bestowed upon me, you have turned me into a Site Q for 2 amazing AO’s (Pain Lab & Bulldog) & given the roll of your Comz Q for our region. The physical encouragement at workouts daily have somehow turned me into a runner. I ran my first ever half-marathon (On my 1 year F3 anniversary) and finished in 1:56. Running a half was NEVER on my lifelong agenda but you all made it possible for me. I was also able to complete my first GoRuck Light event. The physical aspect also made me change my diet and eating habits. I have lost a total of 32Lbs. since I started. Mentally I have been changed and challenged with Whetstone. I couldn’t have asked for a better Stone! Spiritually, wow! What can I say about this, except that you ALL have renewed my faith and brought me closer to HIM! I pray more. I pray aloud in front of a group, which I something I have NEVER done before in my life. I also started attending church again. You all need to see how much impact you have made on only ONE man. I encourage you all to continue to EH. You never know how much you can change someone’s life for the better by saying “Hey, let me tell you about F3…”. Thank you all again, you are forever my brothers!