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  • When: 01/24/2019
  • AO:
  • QIC: Whoopee
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: HIPAA, Voodoo, Squirt, TSquare, Whoopee

Today was the launch for Diablo Sammich, the premier (and only) rucking AO in Gastonia. I got there just a few minutes early and saw HIPAA unpacking his trunk with his ruck and shovel flag ready to go. A few others were under the overhang thing at Snoballs trying to avoid the rain for just a few minutes. When 0530 hit, we started with the pledge (no disclaimer but no FNGs so minor Q fail). I explained my general plan and we took off with our packs on a fellowship mosey-this is, in my opinion, one of the best parts of rucking-getting to know the guys around you and what is on their mind. The pace is very comfortable and you can adjust how hard you want to work by loading more weight or carrying things. First time, we are just going with the rucks and no extra weight…..for now….this will change in the future. We went up Gastone’s hill and reminisced about doing burpees at each mailbox-none today. We continued on past Food Dog (the name mine and Dr. Feelgood’s kids called Food Lion years ago) then back to start. On the way we saw a few neon flashes go by-they sounded like Diva, ToolTime, and Defib but not really sure who it was. We got back to start and everyone gloved up.

I introduced the group to “BEAR WITH ME”  from GoRuck. This involves a lot of bear crawling with exercises using the ruck. We started with bear crawl X 20 yards and went back and forth with the following exercises on each end: Squats X 20 (bear crawl) + Merkins X 20 (bear crawl) + Ruck Curls X 20 (bear crawl) + Flutter Kicks holding ruck above head X 50 (bear crawl) + Mountain Climbers X 20 (bear crawl). This was a good shoulder burner and I think I actually enjoyed the bear crawls-first time EVER for me and I can promise you the bear crawls will be part of future diablo sammich workouts for me. We still had some time so I pulled out the sandbag and we did a few rounds around Snoballs in groups of 3. Either (PAX 1) carry the sandbag or (PAX 2 and 3) carry 2 ruck sacks and do a lap around Snoballs or plank (PAX 4 and 5) while the other 3 PAX do the lap. This was actually not too bad and could benefit from more weight in the future. I have plenty of options and will improve this in the future. We were almost out of time so we loaded up our rucks for 1 final lap around Snoballs with the last third of the lap in a bear crawl which finished in Lake Whoopeegonnagetcha in the parking lot.

BIG THANKS to those who showed. I really think this can be a great introduction to F3 for those who are uncomfortable coming to a boot camp or a running AO. By adding weight and carrying heavy coupons during the hiking part, you can push yourself as hard as you want. I promise you it will be as easy or hard as you are willing to try. Like all other workouts we do here, it won’t get easier but you will get better. Bring an FNG so they can see what F3 is all about. We have some great guys here in GasHouse. Rucking is an easy way to get to know the guy in the dark you work out with. Giving this a try might even get you bold enough to try a GoRuck event-at least one of these should be required for every GasHouse PAX in my opinion. It is incredibly hard but a huge team-building experience that will push you farther than you think is possible. Check out their website when you have a chance.

We finished with announcements, namorama, and quick prayer. Come check us out next week. Bring a (durable) ruck or weight vest or whatever weighted object you want and try some Diablo Sammich.